RTE's Fair City - Mc Coys Bar Carrickstown

Irish Television RTE's Fair City, Picture of Carrickstown street
A view of "Carrickstown",  the ficticous suburb of Dublin City where the Irish television program "Fair City" is based. The street set was built specifically for the Fair City series & is located at Montrose, the RTE studios in Dublin. The images show Mc Coys pub in 1997, it was set alight by burgulars in a 2004 episode & destroyed by the fire.
The long - running program is currently in it's 24th year of production at RTE in Dublin. In addition to providing home produced entertainment there are employment opportunities for Irish actors as the storylines, street characters and buildings' tenants change over the years.

Fair City Irish television program, Carrickstown street in Irish TV soap Mc Coys bar, on the Fair City RTE television program
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