Lunar: The Silver Star

This is my page devoted to the video games series of Lunar. They are my favorite video games except for maybe the Fianl Fantasy games. Well look around to see about this great fantasy adventure.

Lunar: The Silver Star Story
This story begins in the village of Burg. Alex, the main character of this story, is at a memorial in honor of the great hero of Dyne. Then Nall, his life long friend who resembles a flying cat, comes up to Alex and tells him that he should go on his own adventures instead of always looking up to Dyne. Just then another friend of Alex's, Ramus, comes up and tells Alex about his plans of going up to a nearby dragon cave. This is the beginning of Alex's long journey through Lunar. He later becomes a Dragonmaster and saves the Goddess Althena and the world from the evil Magic Emporer. Back to Master Kirin's Universe

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