IJ Programs

Programs in the IJ series have been written by Dennis Wheeler.

The programs are written in java and this means that you can use the programs on any operating system, but if you havn't run any such programs before,you may need to install the Java runtime environment, which you can download, at no cost, from Java.Sun. To see if you have java installed click here (nb make sure your browser allows it to run, many browsers have settings that restrict things).

These programs are shareware. In essence they may be used as long as you like with all the most critical functions operational. But I invite you to confirm by email if you use the programs and pay a small licence fee which will activate the extra functions for full use.

The programs have been prefixed by IJ in honour of my two sons Jamie and Ian for whom the first versions of these programs were written many years ago, in BASIC.



IJMaths is a great program to test tables and sums. It can run through the 2 to 12 times table (or even higher) and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It can run as a learning tool or for revision or tests. Click on the star to learn more.



IJSpelling is a program to help practice spellings. It sounds words using either the Microsoft synthesised voices or a massive library of 20,000 words and specially recorded word sounds. Words are in English (as against American) and are based on Key Stage 2 Literacy. Click on the star to learn more.



IJFractions carries on from IJMaths and helps understand and practice fractions. It has many multi-answer questions with images showing parts of objects and segmented line as well as sums with fractions and percentages. Click on the star to learn more.



IJLibrary is a simple system for controlling the issuing and return of books in a library. It has been written with schools in mind and uses simple spreadsheets to record the lenders (or pupils), books and loans. Your don't need complex expensive software when you can have this cheaply. Click on the books to learn more.



IJIPCheck is a program to let you check your network connections. You can identify a set of devices on your network and the display will show if they are connected OK or not. Designed primarily for cehcking wireless access points (APs), so click on the image to see the details