We're Expecting! - 8/6/2002

Who we told: DH's family & Friends
How we told: 2 y/o DD worn a shirt that said "I'm going to be a Big Sister!!"
The reactions: Happy and Cheerful

Notes: I actually waited to tell DH until I had Zev's (our 2 y/o DD) shirt done. I painted it myself! Being an artist I know that acrylic paint will forever stick to any clothing, so I just used basic acrylic paint and a white t-shirt. Once he came home from work, he saw it immediatly! And the first thing out of his mouth was "Yeah, I still got it!". Men!

Anyway, we did the same for his family. His mother didn't notice the shirt for quite some time, but my SIL saw the message right away. Everyone was so happy and talk of twins started in 5 mins. Ugh. I'm Not Having Twins!!

I also have a 13 y/o DD from a previous marriage, she took the news very well also! Of course, she wants another sister, but we'll see what nature gives us.

I'll be happy if it's a boy or a girl... happier still if it's healthy! Now for the long nine month wait....



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