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You have come upon Crystalwoman's domain.......

You may have traveled here by way of the Rainbow Path or some other trail, but within the Universe and IN THE NOW you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

To follow "the natural way" leads to eternal peace...

Here in theCrystal Cave....... You will find this to be a place of natural and spiritual Peace, Beauty, and Harmony...... sit and rest awhile, and even meditate, or just explore.

You can also enter into the depths of the EARTH where I have discovered our lost and forgotten BR Roots You too may want to look for your roots here. To know oneself is to know your ancestors as well as your Creator. Go "out on a limb."

Here you can connect with your true Self , Spirit, Nature, and past kindred souls.


"Everything we have in life has been given to us from the Great Spirit and Mother Earth. The money we earn comes from the Mother. The only thing we have to give back is the way we live our lives." - Oh Shinnah

Man must still learn that we are to be the caretakers of Mother Earth, not owners.

Mother Nature is a great teacher from God. She is kind and giving. Natural disasters must correct imbalances often caused by raping and robbing the earth. However, after each disaster comes a cleansing and new life, and nature is giving once more. This is life.

"Life is good,Life is learning,Life is sharing,Life is Love,Life is All "- crystalwoman


"Life does not end with our death on Earth. We are eternal spirit beings. Our spiritual and ancestral roots come from God."

"What you give out, comes back"= karma

"What ye sow, so shall ye reap"- Bible


Grandfather Shaman appeared to me today
He said, "Child you have come a long way"
'But for now you still have much to learn
So breath in the air and feel the earth turn
Continue to follow the path straight away
Challenging all the obstacles found in your way
Keep up your courage, strength and harmony
As you explore the worlds you never did see.
Late in the night and early in the morn
Through your laughter and tears you were reborn
With love in your heart and faith in your dreams
Learn to trust and all will be as it seems.'

"I want to share with others the wholeness I feel since I have consciously faced and experienced my spiritual journey here on Mother Earth. I feel closer to God than ever before, and know Jesus is always by my side, and I am thankful they have always been there for me. I was spiritually led to Edgar Cayce in 1986 and "went out on a limb," as they say, to reconnect with my soul in finding my 'true self.' I strive daily to live in the Christ Consciousness as God wants us to. I have chosen to travel on the Rainbow Path these last 18+ years and for the many years ahead of me still, exploring all steppingstones along the way. I am inspired by other spiritual directions as well, each having helped me and others heal in body, mind, spirit. I also find a strong connection to 'self' through genealogy and our Pioneer ancestors. May we share positive thoughts with each other along the way - Happy Trails"

A quote I love and try to live by is: "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery, Today is a Gift, That is why it is called Present."

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