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Corky's Swapped Phonecards, VCD Page

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Nei ho (hello in Cantonese) ! This is Corky Lee, a Chinese girl from Hong Kong., have you ever been to this city before?! When did you start collecting phonecards?! How many cards you have hunted?! Like you , I am a phoencards collector! I started collecting cards since Nov, 97. Unfortunately, I don't have many cards that's why I would like to creat a swapped phonecards site so as to hunt for potential swappers! Do you want to swap cards with me, heeeee?!

What you can find in this site:
This site mainly shows all my swapped phonecards and movie vcd's or dvd's.- for swapping with your phoencards! Due to linited time, other information about phonecards is therefore absent. Hope you dont' mind?! Now, click any of the following items and see if you are interested in it, thnaks!


If you have any questions, plesae free fell to ask!
Let's help each other enrich our phonecards collection !!!

~ This site is updated on 8 June, 2001 ~
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Items Updated on:  

7 June more phonecards are added in :
2:1 Swapped Section

1:1 Section:
- Index p.5 (8 cards)

6 June more phonecards are added in :
1. Special Cards Section:
- Index Page 4 +
- Index Page 5.

2. 1:1 Section:
- Index p.3 (11 cards)
- Index p.4 (11 cards) - new added!!!!




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