Welcome all Christians who enjoy having dogs as part of your family. The Christian Dog Kennel Club is for all who breed, judge, rescue, handle, train, own, love, or fancy dogs. This is a non-denominational Christian organization for people to join together who have the same interests and hobbies. If you love pets and would like to learn more about Jesus, you are also welcome. In fact, we welcome anyone who would love to learn about the Lord! We are open for discussion about Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, the bible, prayer, prayer requests, inspiration, stories, verses, scripture, church, religious politics, religion in the work place and school, and any topic dealing with canines, since God created them! We are not here to harass an individual's belief, but to share and learn with one another with the love of the Lord. Thank you for your interest in us and may you always know that God loves you.
This site is young and will have many new additions in the weeks to come. Please stop back often for the new updates. In the meantime, feel free to join our group, by clicking the yahoo group button below, it has many people with the same interests already in group conversations.

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