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Our name has changed!!  We are now Sage Brush Chins.  There are so many Chins R Us breeders popping up that we thought it's time for a unique change.  We will still be checking our old email address, but please note our new address below.

We have many new herd additions and some excellent lines.  We have chins with Empress Show winning parents, and we also have chins who have been shown and/or graded.  Our lines mainly consist of PNWC, Furball, Bowen, Sullivan, Chinchilla Park Place, Chincolores, and we have quite a few of Purple Sages little furballs running around.  We have a few animals that we have kept from our own breeding also.
There are 35 chins in my breeding program and we raise a variety of colors from standard to sapphire and all mutations inbetween including carriers!
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