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Robert Satiacum

Puyallup Tribe of Indians

Chief Robert "Bob" Satiacum, a courageous leader that helped all Indians across the United States to become successful in their endeavors.

My Father was always in the courtrooms "Standing up Proudly" for the sovereignty of all Indian tribes. My Father was was first arrested for excersising the right to fish in 1949 and was instrumental in bringing the State of Washington to the U.S. District Court, twenty-five years later in the Western District for the State of Washington. The case became known as the United States of America vs State of Washington.

This case was upheld at the U.S. Appellate Court level for the Ninth District. The U.S. Supreme Court,, also reaffirmed the aboriginal right to fish reserved by treaty with the United States. My Father was not an adversary of the U.S. Government, he acted as a "ward" of the Federal Government, asking for and receiving the help of the federal government in this non-violent legal war against the State of Washington.

The Puyallup Tribe of Indians, and many of the Indian tribes across the United States did benefit from the "Chief of all Chiefs" brave actions.

Marlon Brando and Dad
fishing on the river

This picture was taken by Richard S. Heyza
Seattle Times in 1964

He worked diligently

during his lifetime

to promote the exercise

of tribal Sovereignty for

ALL Indian Nations

Robert "Bob" Satiacum

March2, 1929 - March 25, 1991

Grandma Ara,
Auntie Shirley, Auntie Delores, Auntie Lillian, Auntie Alma.
Uncle Jr., Uncle Buddy, Uncle Jack.

Mom, Suzi,
Robert, Me, Vicki, Jody, Renee, Rob, Ty, Lisa.
My Daughters

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