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19 January 1862, Kentucky, War Between the States

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Unit Rosters

This page depends mostly on the efforts of volunteers, who compile and submit rosters on the units of their choice for inclusion here, and on links to other sites.  Check back occasionally for added rosters.   If you know of another link to a roster site, or if you'd like to compile a roster for this page, please send me an e-mail.


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Union Kentucky Regiments  --  Unit histories from Thomas Speed's Union Regiments of Kentucky

1st Kentucky Cavalry   --  a roster for the entire regiment

4th Kentucky Infantry   --  ditto

10th Kentucky Infantry   --  ditto

12th Kentucky Infantry   --  regimental roster (Margy Miles)

12th Kentucky Infantry  --  a roster of Co. I (Robert Slavey)

2nd (East) Tennessee Infantry   --  a roster for the entire regiment (Dave Mathews)


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confed1.jpg (1362 bytes)                  Confederate Unit Rosters            confed1.jpg (1362 bytes)


16th Alabama Infantry
(Ray Pennington)
     Co. B  
(Ray Pennington)

15th Mississippi Infantry  (see Paul Hightower's page for coverage of the entire regiment)
     Co. A, "Long Creek Rifles"
     Co. D, "Wigfall Rifles"
(Paul Hightower)
     Co. F, "Water Valley Rifles"   
     Co. G, "Grenada Rifles"
     Co. I, "Choctaw Guard"

17th Tennessee Infantry
by company, searchable by name (Steve Arnold)

20th Tennessee Infantry
     Co. F  
(Edwin L. Ferguson)

25th Tennessee Infantry
for Field & Staff and Companies (Richard McCormick)



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