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This page is dedicated to the Furkids that have touched our hearts and enriched our lives.
Maggie, an Italian Greyhound "former" rescue, is the leader of our pack.  She's a very energetic senior!
Nyla, a  tiny Dachshund mix, is the newest member of the pack.  She's also an Iggie wannabe!
Rudy, a Terrier mix, crossed over the bridge on 9/11/2001.  This sweet boy holds a special place in my heart.
Dixie, an American Pit Bull Terrier -- She knows she's really just an oversized Iggie!
Dream, our beloved American Staffordshire Terrier, went to the bridge  on 10/16/1998.  Sleep peacefully Dreamer Girl.
Our ANGELS Waiting At The Bridge:
Willy, 3/28/95 - 2/24/2005.  Our first IG -- a delightful boy who forever charmed all with his grace, beauty, and gentleness.   How I cry to place you in this column -- how hard to let you go my precious little man.
My life-changing fascination with Italian Greyhounds began in 1995 with Willy.
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Site last updated: 5/12/2005
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Farewell Sweet Willy
See our beautiful new granddaughter, Alyssa Nicole Grider!
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