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Tyree Soldiers
Not Forgotten
TYREE, Samuel F. From the muster rolls of Thurmonds and Amicks Partisan Rangers: 
Tyree, Samuel F. Co. A, Enlisted in 1861 in Kanawha County, West Virginia.  He was paroled at Lewisburg 4.26.65, age 24, fair complexion, dark hair, hazel eyes, 5’8”.  Previously served as 1st sergeant, Co. C 22nd Virginia Infantry, where he enlisted on 5/1/62 at White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier county, West Virginia.  (another record says 5/10/61 at Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia) served in 22nd until authorized to raise a company of rangers in 1863 and he was Captain.  Not shown as Captain on parole record, perhaps unit consolidated or clerical error on parole.  Born 10/6/1840 in Fayette County, W. Va.  Age 20 farm laborer, 1880 Fayette Co. W. Va. Census.  Moved to Greenbrier County, W. Va. Postwar, age 39, farmer, Lewisburg District, 1880 Greenbrier County Census.  Member of the David Creigh Camp U.C.V.  died on 1/14/1912 at Frankfort, W. Va.  Buried in the Frankfort West Virginia.  This is probably the Captain Tyree mentioned in A. A. Chapman’s letter to Secretary of War.

From an abbreviated Muster Role transcribed from 14th Virginia Cavalry by Robert J. Driver, Jr:

TYREE, WILLIAM N; Pvt., Co. A (2nd). b. Va. 1/4/34. Enl. Charleston 8/15/62. Present 9-10/62. Ab. on scout in Botetourt Co. 1-2/63. Present 3-4/63. Ab. detailed as nurse 4/1/64. AWOL 5-8/64 and 11/22-12/31/64. Present 5/10/65. Capt. Five Forks 4/1/65. Sent to Pt. Lookout. Released 6/21/65. 5'6 ½'', dark complexion, black hair, hazel eyes, res. Greenbrier Co. Res. Williamsburg Dist., Greenbrier Co. 1895. d. Lewisburg 4/7/01. Bur. Old Stone Presb. Ch. Cem.

The service Roster is transcribed from 22nd Virginia infantry 2nd Edition, by Terry D. Lowry.
Tyree, A. G. Private Co. C.  Enlisted 11/1/62 at White Sulphur Springs (Camp Fairview), Greenbrier County, W. Va.  On scout by order of General Williams on 12/31/62 roll.  Present on 3/4/63 roll, exchanged for Smith Keslor of Captain Thurmond’s Co. 11/29/63.  Middle name is probably Gus.  Farm laborer, Fayette County, W. Va. 1860 age 15, first name is Augustus , who was accidentally shot and killed in the Meadows by a Mr. Livesay during the war;

Tyree, Alexander N.: Private Co. G.  Enlisted 5/1/62 at White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, W. Va. On sick leave from surgeon on 11/13/62 roll.  Present on 12/31/62 roll.  Paroled at Charleston, WV 6/12/65.  Age 26, 5’7”  Dark complexion, dark hair, gray eyes.  Resident Alleghany County, Virginia.
Tyree, George; Private Co. C.  Farmer Fayette County, W. Va. 1860 age 40, enlisted 5/10/61.

Tyree, I. H. Co. G.  Allegheny County pension list.

Tyree, James Co. G.  Postwar roster Private enlisted March 1863 at Lewisburg, WV, Age 21, resident Allegheny Co. Va. Surrendered April, 1865.

Tyree, John M.  Private/ 3rd sergeant Co. C.  Resident Fayette County, WV.  Enlisted 1861 at Charleston, Kanawha county, WV on 5/1/62 at White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, WV.  Captured in Fayette Co. WV 5/1/64, Age 22, POW Camp Chase, Ohio 8/10/64,  Exchanged 3/2/65.  POW paroled at Lewisburg, WV 4/25/65.  Farmer 6’, light complexion, light hair, blue eyes.

Tyree, John R.  Co. G, postwar roster Private enlisted March 1862 at Lewisburg WV.  Age 24  Resident of Allegheny County Va.  Surrendered April 1865.

Tyree, Joseph M. Private Co. C enlisted 1861 at Charleston, Kanawha County, WV on 5/1/62 at White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, WV.  POW paroled at Lewisburg, WV 4/26/65  Age 23, farmer, 6’, Dark complexion, dark hair, dark eyes, Original member of Jeb Stuart UCV camp Fayette County, WV.  Resident Ansted, WV 1909.

Tyree, Samuel F. 1st Sergeant Co. C  born 10/6/40 Fayette County WV.  Enlisted 6/1/62 at White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier County, WV.  On scout by order of General Williams on 12/31/62 roll, on furlough on 3/4/63 roll.  Present on Mar-Apr 1863 roll.  Later organized an independent company of rangers and was chosen Captain.  His uncle, William Tyree, was Captain of Co. C.  Postwar resident of Greenbrier County WV.  Member Camp Creigh UCV.  Died 1/14/1912  Frankfort, WV.  Buried Frankfort Cemetery, WV.  He was original member of Fayette Rangers.  Farm Laborer, Fayette County WV 1860.  PWR says enlisted as a private 5/10/61.   Organized Partisan Ranger Company, 1863, Captain

Tyree, William:  Captain Co. C.  Born 11/22/07, enlisted 6/6/61 at Charleston, Kanawha County, WV.  Elected Captain 6/6/61.  Not re-elected 5/1/62.  Dropped 5/2/62.  Successor Henry B. Dickinson.  Died 7/19/83.  Buried Westlake Cemetery, Ansted, WV.  Called “Colonel” postwar.  Farmer, Fayette County, WV 1860.

Tyree, William W.  Private, Musician, Co. G born in Bath County, Va. Resident Healing Springs Va.  Enlisted 7/1/62 at Union, Monroe County, WV.  Sent home on sick furlough 12/8/62.  Present on 4/30/63 roll Musician for Regiment 12/31/63 and 3/1/64 rolls.  Present on 10/31/64 roll, PWR and pension records says Co. G. Age 69 in 1902.  Blacksmith, PWR says enlisted march 1862 at Lewisburg, WV age 22, Resident Allegheny county WV.  Surrendered April 1865.

Tyree, Woodson A; 2nd Lieutenant/1st Lieutenant Co. C Born 8/18/37 Fayette County, WV.  Studied medicine 1857, Enlisted 4/5/61 at Charleston, Kanawha County, WV. On 5/1/62 at White Sulphur Springs, Greenbrier Co. WV.  Elected 2nd Lt. 5/1/62.  Appointed 2nd Lt. 5/2/62.  Wounded in action (neck) at Droop Mountain WV 11/6/63.  Absent wounded on 12/31/63 roll.  Promoted to 1st Lt March 1864.  A later card says WIA at New Market, Va. But gives the date for Droop Mountain battle; says the wd. (which is probably the Droop Mountain wound) caused Tyree to be permanently disabled and was recommended for retirement by his commanding officer.  (Was probably not wounded at New Market, Va).  POW paroled at Lewisburg, WV 4/26/65 Age 27, Farmer, 6’2”, Dark complexion, light hair, blue eyes,  PWR says sever wound of left lung at Droop Mountain, WV.  Graduated University of Virginia 1867 (medicine) Married 1868.  Resident Dewitt County IL 1867-78.  Resident Texas 1881.  Resident Thurmond, WV 1881.  Member Fayette county Medical Society and Medical society of IL.  Still alive 1891.
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