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Amick's Rangers
Tyree Halfway House
Mountain Cove District - Ansted & William Tyree

Tyree Halfway House: Between Hawks Nest and the New River Gorge is the tiny mountaintop town of Anstead and the halfway stagecoach tavern that was operated by Col. William Tyree in 1834.  The Tyree Tavern was where Ansted's first post office was established in 1827 when the town was called Mountain Cove.  It was also known as the Halfway House, located halfway between Charleston and Lewisburg.
When William Tyree and Sarah McClung Tyree, his second wife, lived here it was called "Mountain Cove." The name originated with George Hunter, its first postmaster, from the "cove" or bend in Gauley mountain at that point.  At different times the office changed locations near the mining town of Ansted, known as the old "stage stand" or halfway point to Charleston.

During the war a small cavalry unit  "Chicago Gray Dragoons," was headquartered in the tavern. They were of Schenck's force of Rosecrans' newly enlisted doodles. They hacked the mantels and the woodwork with their sabres, and one unknown hacker of talent cut into the door lintel the words: "Chicago Dragoons," which can be seen to this day.

"There's a beautiful love story connected with it."  (
Lovers Leap)  "A beautiful young lady was supposed to live down a ways.  I always thought I could pick out the place.  It was down at Hawks Nest...."
One of the Chicago Gray Dragoons fell in love with Mrs. Sarah McClung Tyree. "General Lee was stationed on Sewell Mountain," he said. "This lady would go up on Sewell Mountain and tell General Lee what was going on down here with the Union troops. She kept him informed."
COL. WILLIAM TYREE, born in the "Long Ordinary" in Lewisburg in 1807, was five years old when he began his education with Dr. McElhenney.  The Colonel has been twice married by Dr. McElhenny.  His first wife (Rebecca) was a daughter of Joseph McClung of Greenbrier, she died 1841.  By this first marriage  were four children - Mary S. Tyree, the wife of Col. G. W. Imboden of Fayette,  Joseph McClung Tyree, Charles Tyree, and Dr. Woodson A. Tyree.

Sarah McClung, second wife, is the sister of Margaret McClung, who is married to William's brother
Francis Tyree.

Col. Tyree was the first sheriff of Fayette county from 1834 to 1846 and represented the county in the Virginia Legislature in 1855.
For several years he was Colonel of the 142nd Regiment, Va. Militia, and raised a volunteer company in Fayette county, the Mountain Cove Guard, Company C in the 22nd Regiment, Virginia Infantry.  He was elected captain in June 1861, after commanding the Fayette Rangers. Typhoid fever forced Col. Tyree to relinquish his command in 1862, and Dr. Henry Dickinson succeeded as captain of Company C. His two sons remained with the "22nd" until the close of the war.

There lies buried on his farm the mother of Lt.-General T. J. (Stonewall) Jackson 
                                                                                                                                                                                  (Julia Beckwith Neal, 1798-1831)
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