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Amick's Rangers
Thurmond's Ranger Battalion
Fayette Rangers -  Captain Philip Thurmond-  June 1861
Captain Philip Thurmond Partisan Ranger Company - May 2, 1862
Captain William Thurmond Partisan Ranger Company- Sept.19, 1862
The Fayette Rangers mustered at St. Albans with First Kanawha and was led by Col. William Tyree until his election as captain of the Mountain Cove Guard, June 6, 1861.  Philip Thurmond then became captain of the Fayette Rangers, attached Co L, 51st. Va, 3rd Regt.

Philip J. Thurmond was born Oct. 24, 1826 and was
killed in battle at Winfield on Oct. 26, 1864. 

Older brother William D. Thurmond was born Dec. 11, 1820.  After the war, Bill founded the town of
Thurmond, and he died May 14, 1910. (Royal Arch)

Assigned as Company L, Third Regiment, by General Floyd.
William D. Thurmond
Not Forgotten
Thurmond's Partisan Ranger Battalion consisted of Philip Thurmond's Company which guarded routes from Fayetteville to Union via Princeton, and William Thurmond's Company which scouted along the New River from Gauley Ferry to Dogwood Gap. The inaccessibility of the New River Gorge left this area to the mercy of bushwackers and guerrillas. The two companies of Thurmond's Rangers were recruited from Fayette, Raleigh, and Summers counties throughout the gorge.  And also.....
Amick's Partisan Rangers, Independent Company of Scouts, guarded Mountain Cove District, Sewell Mountain District, and the Wilderness District.  At the death of Big John Amick, John J. Halstead commanded the Nicholas County party of scouts.  Samuel Tyree, his father Francis Tyree police captain of Sewell Police District, joined his uncle William's Mountain Cove Guard.  Samuel Tyree was also an  original member of the Fayette Rangers. Was on scout by order of General John S Williams in 1862, and authorized to raise a company of rangers in 1863 as captain. This company was associated with First Battalion, but was kept constantly independent (Echols) during the whole war. Tyree's, Halstead's and Amick's frequently rode with Captains Bill and Phil Thurmond. 

Gen. Chapman recommended to Sec. of War Seddon that Thurmond's and Tyree's partisan ranger companies form a battalion.  Maj. Genl Sam Jones endorsed and on October 29, 1863 Seddon designated them
44th Virginia Cavalry Battalion, however, the number was never mentioned again.

October 7, 1864, Lt Col. Vincent "Clawhammer" Witcher recommended, "William and Philip Thurmond's companies, with Bumgard's and Amick's, about 300 strong..... are without organization, but I have placed Captain Philip Thurmond in command of them, and would respectfully suggest that they be organized into a battalion, and that he be prompted to a major."  However, Philip Thurmond was killed in battle on October 26th and the battalion did not form.

Several other companies formed by 1864, for a total of eleven companies.  John W. Amick was given command of a Independent Battalion by 1865.  The combined Ranger companies would brigade with Colonel Vincent A. Witcher's 34th Battalion Virginia Cavalry and have regimental strength for battle, and with about 600 men, sought regimental recognition from Richmond in November 1864.

Hounshell's Battalion was organized from Hounshell's Rangers, along with Thurmond's Battalion and Z. T.
Morris Battalion. Hounshell was placed in command of the department when General Echols left with the army for Richmond and General Lee.  Captain Z. T. Morris temporarily replaced Hounshell in command of the battalion, and in February 1865, Captain William D. Thurmond took command of Hounshell's Partisan Rangers. Captain John Walker Amick then took command of the Independent battalion, formerly of Z. T. Morris.
Hounshell's Battalion Partisan Rangers Virginia Cavalry
Col. David Hounshell, then Capt. Z. T. Morris, then Capt. W. Thurmond in Feb. 1865.
                                                            "Thurmond's Battalion "
                            William Thurmond's Company- Capt. William D. Thurmond
                            Company B- Capt. John D. Thurmond
                            Capt. W.D. Huffman's Company (P. Thurmond Fayette Rangers)
                            Capt. Robert. B. Gwinn's Company (from P. Thurmond Co.)
                            Capt. P.W. Snider's Company (Thurmond)
                            Capt. C. A. Hawvel's Company (Thurmond)

"Amick's Independent Battalion"
                            Capt. John James Halstead's Company (
"Big John" Amick scouts)  
Capt. James.  M. Bumgarner's Company.   (Kanawha Scouts)
                            Capt. Samuel Tyree's Company  (Ranger Co.  22nd & Police District )
                            Company A- Capt. John W. Amick  
("Little John")
Company C- Capt. Joseph A. McClung

Capt John is recognized as commander of
Independent Battalion of Hounshells Partisan Rangers before February 1865.  At parole April 26-27 1865 at Lewisburg, about 150 men of Company A were paroled. And consisted of  Amick, Halstead, McClung, Baumgardner/Bumgarner, and Tyree companies.
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