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11th West Virginia Infantry
Co. A - The Snake Hunters
Captain John P. Baggs
In the fall of 1861 the yankees took steps to organize the 11th Infantry Regiment, West Virginia Volunteers in the valley of the Little Kanawha. Col. J.C. Rathbone, now of Parkersburg, West Virginia, was its first colonel, and through his efforts it was finally organized as a regiment. Company A was formed from Capt. John Baggs company of "Snake Hunters," a name given them by their captain, which had been organized in Marshall County, Virginia. This independent Home Guard had been sent into the Little Kanawha valley in the early fall of 1861. 

"And there appeared to be
no safety or security except in the army of one side or the other; men hesitated concerning enlistment in either army. No able bodied man can occupy a neutral position. Those who take no position in the struggle are suspect and shot at by both sides, and their only hope is to take up the gun and enlistments into both armies were certainly and gradually being made in the months of October and November, 1861."
Snake Hunters
Peter G. Van Winkle bought uniforms and weapons for the Snake Hunters, so that they could protect his oil wells at Parkersburg. He organized and funded the Wheeling Conventions, with the B&O Railroad, for statehood. In 1863 with sham "elections", big oil and railroads succeeded in splitting Mother Virginia in two. 
DECEMBER 15, 1861.-Affair in Roane County, West Virginia. December 15, Captain Baggs, with a company of scouts, pursued the bushwhackers into Roane County, on the Little Kanawha, attacked and routed them, killing 5, wounding several, and taking 9 prisoners, 6 horses, a yoke of oxen, and burned down the houses in which they were quartered. Lowerburn, a noted guerrilla, was killed.
John Roach,   Martin Sheppard,   James Smith William Staats, Daniel DuskeyHenry Amick
Jefferson Ayers,  David Enoch Jr.
Henry George, George Duskey, 
Josiah Parsons   Devil Bill Parsons
Camp Chase - POW
"Many cases of individual killing on each side might be named, but as time must be the healer of all our sorrows, we pass them by, remembering that man in the heat of passion is not himself. The worst matter the people had to contend with in Wirt County was a gang of lawless deperadoes belonging to no special service, nor could they scarcely ever be found; they infested the hills and forests, and were feared alike by all people; but when they wanted anything they took it; no matter from whom.  No man was safe in reach of them; neither army recognized this band of men. (Bug Hunters)
Edited:: Hardys History of Wirt County
United States vs  Hamilton Breedon Age 25 years, height 5ft 7 in eyes blue -Hair brown- complexion dark- Size medium Born Page Co. Va-Resides Kanawha Co. Va
Statement : Arrested by Capt. Buggs Co Snake Handlers Nov. 7, 1862 at my house in the afternoon. Enlisted in the rebel army May 1861 under Capt Barber 22nd Regt Va rebel Infantry. Staid in said company one year. ___ then - Col Barber gave me a pass so came home. Stayed home three weeks, was then arrested by Snake Handlers. Was in two battles Cross Lanes & at Skerry Creek. Came home while the rebels had possession of the valley under Loring. Never gave aid comfort information nor assistance to rebels in any form while at home. Never took an oath to support the rebel government. Have no objection to signing oath to support constitution
U. S. also constitution of Va.       Hamilton Bredon       Attest W. H. Jewett
Appalachia's Civil War
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