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Amick's Rangers
Official Records
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
Index to Relevant Records
John Echols & Greenbrier to Harper's Ferry   May 1861

General Wise Letter   Sept. 1861

R.E. Lee Letter   Oct. 1861

Summerville  June 1862

Thurmond, Aymeck, Tyree   June 1864

Lt. Col. Witcher's Weston Raid   Oct 1864

Thurmonds, Bumgarner, Amick  "Unorganized Battalion"    Oct. 1864

Philip Thurmond Killed   Oct 26, 1864

Captain Payne Killed   Oct 1864

Blazer's Scouts

Captain Thurmond and Blazer   Dec.1864

Captain Bumgarner & Blazer Scout   May 1864  (story)

Captain Amick Horse Liftin'   April 1865

Army of Western Virginia 1863

Army of Western Virginia 1864
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