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17th Virginia Cavalry

Co. F - Nighthawk Rangers
Co. G - Smith's Company
Co. H - Parson's Company
17th Virginia Cavalry was organized at Salem, Virginia, in January, 1863, by consolidating Colonel French's 33rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry with three other companies, one was the Night Hawk Rangers, formerly of the Moccasin Rangers, Smith's and Parson's Companies were formerly 33rd Battn. The 17th was assigned to Jenkins' and McCausland's Brigade, was active in the Gettysburg Campaign, then returned to western Virginia. The regiment fought at Cloyd's Mountain, was with Early in the Shenandoah Valley, and saw action around Appomattox. There were 241 engaged at Gettysburg.
"Night Hawk Rangers", James S. Alexander Crawford was born on March 17, 1839, at Crawford Springs, Va.  He graduated in law at the University of Missouri.  Crawford enlisted on October 24, 1861, at Mill Point, Va., in Moorman's Greenbrier Cavalry, as a Private.  Crawford was a popular recruiter and was elected captain of the Night Hawk Rangers, August 1, 1862.  Assigned as Company N, 14th Virginia Cavalry, the Night Hawk Rangers were reassigned to 17th Virginia Cavalry as Company F, in January, 1863. 
The Confederates in Wirt County joined the company of Capt. Crawford, of Gen. Jenkin's command. He received many recruits to his company from this county. There being no Federals within the county, no engagements were had and Capt. Crawford had the appearance of and acted like a gentleman.
Amick, Henry              F Private       L P D
Ayres, Jefferson           F Private       L P D

Crawford, James S.A    F Captain 
Carder, Ephraim            F Private       L

Parson, Jasper                I Private 
Parsons, Allen               G Private   
Parsons, Allen J.            H Private  
Parsons, Ballard             H   Corporal
Parsons, George W.       H  Sergeant     L
Parsons, Jesse A.           H Private 
Parsons, Lawson            H Private       L
Parsons, Washington      I Private   
Parsons, William            G Private  KIA 11/62
Parsons, Wilson W.       H Captain 
Riddle AG                    F Lt          L
Riddle, A.J                   F  2nd Lt
Riddle, Alfred               G  Private

Shepherd, Samuel         F&S Chaplain 
Sheppard, Samuel         F Private
Sheppard, A. H.           F Private 
Sheppard, Abraham S.  F Sergeant 
Sheppard, Henry          F First Lieutenant 
Sheppard, James           F Corporal 
Sheppard, M. V.           F Private     L P D Sheppard, Samuel         F&S Chaplain 

Smith, James                     Private    P
Staats, William              H Private    P
Stalnaker, George M.    F Private     L
Sgt. George W. Parsons
17th Virginia Cavalry
KIA 6/18/64

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