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Amick's Rangers
Hounshell's Virginia Cavalry Battalion
Hounshell's Virginia Cavalry Partisan Ranger's- Major David Stuart Hounshell organized fall 1862, ranger company mustered 1863, Battalion formed March 1864, Feb. 1865 assigned "Independent Battalion" to Captain Z.T. Morris, and then to Captain William W Thurmond

Company A: Captain John Walker Amick, organized and mustered March 19, 1864. By error assigned to 23rd Bn as Co. I.   Muster records show company was assigned Hounshell's Cavalry by request of Amick.
Randolph Stalnaker Jr. was fifteen years of age when the war broke out between the states.  Enlisted 1861 Manassas, later rejected on age.  Early in 1863 he volunteered a second time and assigned to the staff of Brig. Gen. A. W. Reynolds, of Virginia, who commanded a brigade in the Army of Tennessee. 

He participated in the defense of Vicksburg, returned Virginia; Gettysburg, Snickers Gap, and Winchester, and was appointed adjutant of Col. D. S. Hounshell's Battalion of Cavalry, Adj F&S.

Enl. Pvt,  Co. E,  27th Regt.  Co. A, 23rd Battl, Signalman,  later Sgt in Amick's Co,   age 19.
David Stuart Hounshell,  Born- Nov. 4, 1835, in Wytheville, Va. Father- William Ward Hounshell; Mother- Nancy Holston. Married- Lucie Rodgers; child- Betty Lynn, Lily Lee.  Virginia Military Institute- Class of 1857, with John McCausland,  Maj.- Lt. Col., 51st Va. Infantry;  Col., 1st Bn., Va. State Line. Lawyer. Died- July 11, 1901, in Dayton, Ky.

May 1861 to ?   F&S, General Alfred Ward Grayson Davis,
Niter District #4

July 17, 1861- Floyd's Brigade- Third Regiment;  Major,  Staff Officer

August 26, 1861 , CROSS LANES: in battle
"with conspicious bravery....reckless of his life."

August 27, 1861- Walker House near Cross Lanes discuss formation of new volunteer regiment in Floyd's Third Regiment.
First Battalion;  "Co. L, 51st"   later "23rd Battalion" , "Thurmonds", and "26th Battalion"

August 28, 1861-  Act of Confederate Congress creates 51st Regiment;  Houndsell Major, F&S

Sept. 11, 1861-  Floyd's Third Regiment not mustered after redrawal from Carnifex.

W W Finny assigned commander of Gauley District; 
"Finney's Battalion", unmustered local militia & "Co. L, 51st Va", aka "First Battalion"
                            reassigned  May 1862 to 23rd Battn, 26th Battn, VSL, & Thurmonds Rangers

January 1862- Major Hounshell assigned to command new 23rd Battalion

May 15, 1862- Floyd assigned command of new Virginia State Line after Ft Donalson defeat.
                      5th Regiment-  Col. Hounshell, later promoted colonel of VSL 4th Regiment

May 21, 1862- Lt.Colonel Clarence Derrick, a graduate of West Point, to command 23rd Battn

May 23, 1862- Finny captured at Lewisburg while commanding an ad hoc battalion of militia, aka "First Battalion, "Finny's Battalion"

Fall 1862- Recruiting & organizing Partisan Ranger Companies

Spring 1863- Virginia State Line disbands

Spring 1863- Forms Partisan Ranger Cavalry Company. General Sam Jones attempts brigading rangers with 23rd Bn to
                             form 65th Regt, does not muster, Lt. Col. Hounshell commands Cavalry Partisan Ranger Battn
Spring 1863-Tyree's Partisan Rangers company forms

March 1864- Amick requests his partisan ranger company to be assigned Hounshell Partisan Rangers Cavalry as Company A.

Nov. 64- Attempts new
regiment of brigaded ranger companies w/ Lt. Colonel Witcher's Mounted Rifles

January 24, 1865- Request by
Thurmond's Battalion to have Hounshell relieved of command. Captain Amick and his battalion captains do not sign this petition, preferring to stay with Hounshell. Thurmond and Witcher attempt formation of new regiment.

February- March 1865- General John Echols leaves Lewisburg, Hounshell assigned command of Department
                                  Capt. Z. T. Morris, then William Thurmond, assigned command of Ranger Battalion.

April 18, 1865-  Department Commander Lt. Colonel D. S. Hounshell
surrenders Army to Colonel Oley at Lewisburg, OR    Terms, OR     And More OR 
51st Virginia
27th Va- Crane Battalion Companies
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