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Amick's Rangers
Eli Capture
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"Our boys were fired upon as they were returning home, from a mountain the cowardly rascals fired on them and then ran for life. They wounded 2 of Capt Willson’s Company, but not seriously-

Capt Willson’s men had
two bushwack prisoners in charge..... One named Amick and the other Pappas – They ought never to have been taken prisoners, as they are notorious fellows –– There is a sort of ring leader among the scouts and bushwackers by the name of William Odell….The story goes that the rascals that fired on our boys were a part of a company from White Sulphur Springs"       letter by Capt. Wm. Dunham, Co. D, 36th OVI  (Courtesy G. Hall)
The Yankee Army resumed the march and camped that night at the house of Andrew McClung arriving the next day in Summersville. 

Yankee Major Andrews boasts in his reports of his capture of "two notorious rebel guerrillas, 17 horses, 4 mules, 5 oxen, 90 fat cattle, 122 fat sheep, 23 rifles, and one heavy wagon". 

Major Andrew comments that the Wilderness Road, all 25 miles from Gauley River to Meadow Creek, follows the mountain ridgetop, has no water, and hence an undesirable army road.
Expedition of Major Andrews, The Greenbrier Raid & Eli's Capture

Three reports in the Official Records document the raid and capture of Eli Amick. 

One report is listed in
Operations and records the event.

A Supplement
report by Major Andrews describes his raid, lists local farms and other landmarks. Eli is referenced as the Notorious Guerrilla, "Levi" Amick.  His cousin Noah Propst is also mentioned and later rides with the Amick Rangers. 

There is another
OR reference in Disloyal and Suspected Persons that lists Eli Amick and Noah Propst as prisoners of war and "bushwhackers".
OR: List & Descriptions Disloyal Persons
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