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Amick's Rangers
Greenbrier Cavalry
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Amicks, McClungs, & Greenbrier Cavalry
Relationships with the Greenbrier Cavalry, formed during the early battles of 1861, were between family, kin, inlaws, and neighbors in the newly forming companies. The independent Rangers primarily scouted near their homesteads to protect the family.  Amicks knew the mountain routes behind the Yankee invaders.  Amick duties were scouting for the Greenbrier Cavalry of Jacksons Squadron, led by Major George Jackson. 
Eli and Jacob Amick were with the Greenbrier Cavalry.  Eli is captured during the Greenbrier Raid of yankee Major Andrews while scouting the Wilderness Road.
The Greenbrier Cavalry left Lewisburg and was mustered at Staunton May 16, 1861.  Assigned to General Garrett it arrived at Monterey June 11 and performed rear guard actions after Laurel Hill. In July was stationed at Huntersville to guard the roads to Nicholas County.  In September and October they were at Mills Point, and in late November was sent to Lewisburg to disband, by order CSA and General Loring, Nov. 19, 1861.  Moorman's Company was reported in action at the Wilderness Road during the Greenbrier Raid by Captain Andrews in December 1861.
It is said that during the war, two companies--the "Greenbrier Swifts" and "Nicholas Blues," contained thirty-two McClungs.  Capt. A.P. McClung commanded the Swifts.  They rode the finest horses in Gen. Robert E. Lee's army.  In 1732 seven McClung brothers came to America, later settled in Greenbrier. William had a farm known as 'McClung's Meadow" and eventually the area was just called "Meadow River". 

Eight McClungs enlisted in Amick's Rangers.  Marshall was arrested after Cross Lanes, recorded by yankees as
"virginians, ignorant, illiterate and very simplemind." Rev. Edward S. McClung was corporal in the Rangers.  William McClung, wounded at  the "Block-house" at Washington, was detailed from the Swifts as "drill master" in 1864 and was First Lieutenant of the Rangers.  Capt. Joseph McClung, "Whistlin' Bob", commanded Company C in the Rangers. Thomas W. McClung joined with Tyree/Amick's in 1863.
The Charleston Gazette, Aug. 31, 1934
At the age of 17, Capt. McClung joined the company of
Capt. Samuel F.
Tyree and served during the Civil War
Not Forgotten
General Lee was also impressed with the horses of Greenbrier and found his companion, "Traveller" here.  Capt. J.W. Johnston, Greenbrier Mountain Rifles, 60th Virginia Inf., Co. B, had raised the colt.  Joseph Amick served as scout for the 60th Virginia Infantry.
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