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Amick's Rangers
The Spy Story- Gettysburg
Page 2
July 1: Barlow's Knoll,  Henry spying towards Rock Creek at dawn, exchanged shots with yankees, as they are looking to rejoin Early's Army.  Early coming up, Night Hawks fell in to support Jone's Battery. The Georgia boys charged and swept the knoll.  Yankees dead in piles and captured many prisoners. 

A confederate spy trying to get back across the lines and found some dead Union soldiers after a large battle.  Needing new clothes, searched for a pair of drawers from dead yankees,
couldn't find any not full of shit, so, didn't take any.   
Henry Amick

July 2: Guarding prisoners north of town near Brenner House.  Jenkins wounded. Brigade split up tonight.  Some to guard prisoners, others to go with Gen. Stuart tomorrow.
FIRST DAY: Barlow's Knoll
SECOND DAY: Brenner House
July 3: Rummels's Barn; Brigade left horses and went down a hollow to a large white barn with Col. Witcher.

14th is led by Major Eakles, of the old
Greenbrier Cavalry.  Repeated cavalry charges led by fancy pants yellow-haired yankee.  Many shot at him, but only killed his horse. Turkey shoot 'till out of cartridges.....

ackson's Kanawha Battery, foreground
Rummel's Barn, background
THIRD DAY: NPS Rummels Barn
Con't Pg 3- Rummel's Barn
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