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Amick's Rangers
Eli Amick Killed- Gettysburg
Henry and Eli Take A Trip To Gettysburg
The Spy Story As Retold By
Spring 1861-62: Bushwhacking and spying , Eli and Henry captured and paroled.  Numerous battles along Kanawha.

Sept '62: Sissonville, Night Hawk Rangers organized, then assigned into Company  N, 14th Regiment.
                                                                    Eli in
Jenkins Guards.

Nov. '62:
Ruena, Henry Sick at Home.  Eli at Cold Mountain

Winter '63:
Camp Zirkle, Salem, Virginia.  Henry and Eli in different regiments, Night Hawks now in 17th Virginia.  Eli is tending to his company's horses.

May '63: Camp Narrows, Giles Co.  Issued new horses, uniforms, new Enfield Rifles.  Eli caring and tending for Jenkins Guard horses.

June 10: Harrisonburg, Rec'd orders to spy and forage towards Winchester, criss-crossing the railroad tracks north and days ahead of General Ewell's army.

June 11-12: Winchester, First Contact with yankees.

June 13: Berryville & Smithville, small fight.

June 14: Martinsburg, captured 5 yankee cannons and hundreds of horses.

June 15: Williamsport, First to cross Potomac River.
June 16-17: First to enter Chambersburg, now assigned to General Early.
                         "Early's Cavalry" -  Spying & Foraging, Not a horse, ham, or chicken is safe.

June 23:
Caledonia Iron Works.   Eli Amick Killed in Action.
"June 23d.--At dawn we moved on by roads to Caledonia Iron Works....About two miles beyond Caledonia Iron Works we discovered the road to be blockaded, just where it entered into dense woods.....
....We quickly removed the obstructions and as soon as the road was clear Captain Moorman charged, with twenty-five men, in pursuit of the Yankees.  I followed him with my squad as soon as our horses were brought up....
.... The Federal infantry took refuge behind a company of Union cavalry hiding in the woods, and the troopers turned their horses' heads when we rushed upon them. We were frequently fired upon in our pursuit, and one private, Amick, was mortally wounded..."
Old Cashtown Pike
2+ Miles East of Caledonia
Near Where Eli Shot  June 23,1863
(looking west back towards Caledonia Iron Works)
Diary of Hermann Schuricht
1st Lieutenant
Co. D, 14th Virginia Cavalry
The details concerning the end of grandfather’s life (Eli) were told to the family by Lieutenant John A. Hawver of Company D, who was their neighbor before the war.  The battle of Gettysburg was under way, Company D was participating in a cavalry charge and he and grandfather were riding side by side.  Before the objective point was reached, they were fired upon by a group of Federal snipers, known in that period as “sharpshooters.”  The lieutenant was unhurt, but grand- father exclaimed: “I’m shot”, slumped out of his saddle before his horse could be brought to a stop, and never spoke again.  The lieutenant took him to a dressing station, ascertained that he had received three gun shot wounds in the abdomen, was in a dying condition and that nothing more could be done for him, so he left him there and went back into the battle.
(John Emick, Pioneer)
"The fleeing blue-clad infantry guards took refuge behind a small company of Maj. Charles Knox’s mounted cavalry, which was hiding farther in the woods. The Federals withdrew, frequently firing at their Virginia pursuers and mortally wounding a Private Amick. Major Bryan, recognizing the dangers of advancing any farther without support, ordered Moorman’s and Schuricht’s companies to break off the pursuit, and the Confederates rode back toward Greenwood to reunite with the detachment that had been guarding the purloined horses. During the Gettysburg Campaign, Mar. Charles Knox commanded the militia cavalry of the defenses of Adams and York Counties, under the overall command of Maj. Granville Haller. Knox had two companies at his disposal, the Adams County Cavalry (Capt. Robert Bell) and the First Troop, Philadephia City Cavalry (Capt. Samuel Randall). Patrols from these two units were often intermixed. I have not determined the exact composition of the patrol that engaged the Rebels when Amick was killed, but I suspect they were mostly Bell's men." (S.Mingus)
Con't Pg 2- Barlow's Knoll
Jenkins at Gettysburg
Approach to Harrisburg
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