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Amick's Rangers
Eli Amick Captured
Eli Amick: From December 15-20, after Henry's capture, Yankee Major E.B. Andrews, 36th Ohio Volunteers, launches an expedition from Summerville for the purpose of stealing cattle and horses from the civilian farmers of the Meadow Bluff area, known as the first raid into Greenbrier.

Greenbrier Raid: Andrews: "an expedition to Meadow Bluff to ascertain the condition of affairs in that region and to obtain if possible horses and stock that might be of value to the army," and later  "to gather up in the neighborhood such stock as I deemed a lawful prize for the army".  The neighborhood he is referring is the Wilderness District along the Wilderness Road, and  homesteads of the McClungs, Nutters, and Amicks.
Yankee Vagabonds Approach
Riley Ramsey is their yankee scout and may be related to Captain J. C. Ramsey of the Home Guards mentioned.  The force camps at a Mr. Nutter's house and at Grigsby McClung house along the way, and at Andrew McClung house on the way back.  Captain Andrew McClung led the 4th Company, 79th Regiment of Virginia Militia. The McClung and Nutter families are neighbors and relatives of the Amicks.....

The Union forces, under the command of Major Andrews, left Summerville on Monday December 16th 1861 for Meadow Bluff with 150 men.  They crossed Gauley River at Hughes' Ferry and climbed up a steep hill to the Wilderness Road that ran along the ridge.  They halted that night at Mr. Nutter's house 12 miles from Summerville near present day Mt. Nebo.  They continued up the Wilderness Road that night until they hit an obstruction in the road and were forced to wait until morning.  

At daylight they continued to the McFarlane farm about six miles from Meadow Bluff (two miles east of the present town of Rupert) on Little Clear Creek.  It is here that Riley Ramsey, a despicable union sympathizer, led a scouting party to capture Eli Amick and cousin Noah Propst. Part of the Union company gathered up stock while the rest continued the march to Meadow Bluff.  At Meadow Bluff they found 110 barracks that they burned to the ground before retuning to the McFarlane farm.

The Union company started back to Summerville, camping at Grigsby McClungs and passing the Liberty Church.  Eli's company, Moorman's Greenbrier Cavalry, and Captain McGruder's Henrico Cavalry, numbering about 125 men, surprised the Union company and attacked from a hillside, wounding two of Eli's guards,  But not being able to break up the party, they were forced to withdraw.

Although the Moorman's Cavalry had been officially disbanded in November, The Confederate companies continued to guard along the Wilderness Road and the Lewisburg Turnpike near present day towns of Ravens Eye and Rainelle.

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