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The old militia system of state army organization was based on county citizenship, residents assigned to a specific militia regiment.  Residents of the counties in the mountains of western Virginia were divided about the war, and hence, the county militia also divided about loyalty to state and country.  The militia had not yet mustered when Colonel Tompkins volunteers formed the new Kanawha Regiments in spring of 1861. The new volunteer companies were neighbors related to each other by blood and marriage.  Many citizen-soldiers were rangers; soldiers trained for mountain and forest fighting with rifles. ("Morgan's Rifles"   "Kings Mountain"  "Overmountain Men")  The western Virginia militias used and trained with rifles, not muskets, and favored "Mounted Rifle" companies.

The area was Greenbrier and from it Nicholas and Fayette counties were formed.  Along the tri-boundary was the wilderness of Sewell Mountain, Meadow River, and Anthony Creek.  County-based militias couldn't effectively scout the tri-county wilderness of the Amick homesteads and mills.  Through the wilderness both the Lewisburg Turnpike and the Wilderness Road provided invasion routes for the yankees to Lewisburg.  Which would they travel?  And the Amicks knew all the back routes.

General Wise arrived bragging, re-organized the mountain volunteer soldiers, and then beat a hasty retreat back to Lewisburg when Ohio yankees advanced up the Kanawha.  Disorganized and wet from the non-stop rains, Amick volunteers were ordered to retreat past their homes as General Wise and his Legion fled back to Lewisburg.  The invading yankee vagabonds arrested Perry Amick.  Big John was shot.  And in December Henry and notorious bushwhacker Eli Amick were captured.

Four years of yankee raids see-sawed back and forth from Charleston to Lewisburg in attempts to occupy the Shenandoah.  The rangers of Sewell Mountain ambushed yankees and their supply wagons travelling to Lewisburg, making occupation of Greenbrier and the Shenandoah impossible.

These infamous rebel Rangers; Thurmonds, Tyrees, McClungs, Halsteads, and Amicks, were held together by kinship to protect families and homesteads.  With the Partisan Ranger Act, the families organized into companies. 

By 1865
Amick's Partisan Rangers was Company A of Lt. Colonel Hounshell's Partisan Ranger Cavalry Battalion.
"Coming generations and historians will be the critics as to how we have acted our parts....  We have no regrets for what we did, but we mourn the loss of so many brave and gallant men who perished on the field of battle and honor."
Sam Watkins,  Co. Aytch, 1st Reg't Tennessee Inf.
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