Cannoneer's Post
Company A
Mtn. Cove Guards
Amick's Rangers
Bryan's Battery
In Publication Since 1984
Issue: XVQII- May 2007
Tentative Schedule for 2007

April 28-29, Battle of Cheny, Spokane

May 26-28, Battle of Spokane Falls, Spokane River State Park

June 16, Bluegrass Festival, Cashmere

June 23-24, Town of Port Gamble

July 21-22, Snohomish River Campaign, Snohomish

July 28-29, Little Diamond Resort Event, Spokane area.

August 11-12, Hovander Farms, Ferndale

October (TBA), Eastern Washington Autumn Encampment, Spokane
Camp Life
National Safety Drill
Stanfords Battery
Spokane - May 2006
Conversations Between No. 1 and No. 3
Mollie Firing
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Company A Yankees:
Chicago Merchantile Battery
w/ Hiram Amick

23rd Ohio Volunteers
w/ McMullen's Mtn Howitzer Battery
Uniforms:click here
Yankee: shell jacket or sack coat, forage cap/black hat, sky blue pants, (Ohio bummer look, no civilian)
Rebel: shell jacket or frock coat (cadet grey or jean), grey pants, civilian hat/kepi, (Virginia Mtn. farmer-look)
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