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Amick's Rangers
Captain Bumgarner Captures A Blazer Scout
Interesting War Experiences No. 37

Did you ever hear of Tom Charlton's capture?" asked General Enoch of us one day lately.

"No, but he is in town now, and if there is anything in it, I'll try to get it," said the reporter.

"Well, sir," said the General, "it is the funniest and at the same time the most thrilling ___ I know of. Be sure and get him to tell it to you."

Mr. Charlton, with _____, Alabama, was in town at the time, to attend the funeral of his ___ John, and the next day we met him and asked him to tell us about his capture and escape. He hesitated, at first, saying there was so much in it that looked like boasting, but we insisted, and so he related the incident substantially as follows:

"I belong to Co. H, 5th West Va. Infantry. In the spring of 1864, in the first part of May, when Crook and Averill had gone down to burn the bridge a New Bern, on the Va. And Tenn. R.R., our regiment was left at Meadow Bluff. About the __th of May a ____ arrived from Crook, giving the ___ that his army was ____ and ____ our regiment to forage down as far as Lewisburg to get supplies for his troops, who were out of rations."

"At the same time, Blazer's Scouts came in tired and worn out ____man from such of our companies and ordered to join him and recuperate his force. I was picked from my company. Now, it wasn't a healthy thing to belong to Blazer's Scouts just then, for he had recently hung six bushwhackers and it would be death for any of his men to fall into the reb's hands. But I was in for it, so I put on my spurs and mounted my ____.

"We proceeded down the
road toward Lewisburg to Tutwiler's farm, and three of us went down to poke around in his barn to see if we could scare up any provisions. It was then after dark. There being none, we returned, and a short distance further on, our company of ______ went into camp. I took a bucket and went out to a spring, a short distance when at last we stopped in an orchard, where they investigated me. The big fellow said, 'You are one of Blazer's Scouts.' I protested that I was not. He said, 'I know you are,' at the same time raising his rifle to shoot me. I thought sure it was the last of me; but the little fellow interfered and said, 'Don't shoot the boy.'" The big one kept on insisting, and I kept denying that I was one of Blazer's Scouts, and the little fellow all the time interfering to save me and finally did."

"Then we started for the mountain. Before, and on this little march, I was terribly scared lest my spurs would give me away. If the rebs would only discover those spurs, then they'd know I belonged to
Blazer's Scouts, and nothing would save me. I thought as I walked, they would certainly hear the noise of the spurs; and when we climbed a fence, I felt sure the spurs would give me away. At last we stopped to rest, and all sat down, and then was my chance. When we arose from there, my spurs didn't get up with me. I had slyly taken them off and left them on the ground."
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