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Amick's Rangers
Official Records
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Report Of Lieut. Col. Vincent A. Witcher, Thirty-fourth Battalion Virginia Cavalry (OR; SI, Vol 43, S 90)

lewis'Mill, Greenbrier County W. Va, Oct 5, 1864
Capt.: In obedience to your orders from deprartment headquarters, I started with my command (Thirty-fourth Virginia cavlary Battalion) from Jefferson, Tazwell County, Va., on the 17th day of September, passing by way of Narrows of new River to Lewisburg, Va., whre I was joined by Capts. P.J.
Thurmond's, W.D. Thurmond's, W.H. Payne, J. Bumgard's, and J.W. Amick's companies, making to all 523 men, 267 of which infantry.

V A WITCHER, Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

GREENBRIER COUNTY, VA., October 7, 1864.

MAJOR: I have an aggregate present for duty of about 650, composed of nine companies about 300 strong, commenced by Captain John A. McFarlane; Payne's Company (H), Thirty-seventh Battalion Virginia Cavalry, about 69; William and Philip Thurmond's companies, with Bumgard's and Amick's, about 300 strong.

The fourth last companies are without organization
, but I have placed Captain Philip Thurmond in command of them, and would respectfully suggest that they be organized into a battalion, and that he be prompted to a major

I have another company of about thirty-seven men, under Captain Snyder, at Meadow Bluff. The morale of this command is very fine. I have some 200 horses in bad fix, for shoeing; the battalion in fine condition. I am having them shod as rapidly as possible. The whole command is encamped near Lewis' Mill, on Muddy Creek, Greenbrier County, Va., on the Blue Sulphur and Union turnpike, eighteen miles west of Union. A field return will be forward as soon as made out.

I am, major, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
V. A. WITCHER, Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding

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