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Amick's Rangers
8th Virginia Cavalry
8th Cavalry Regiment - Col. Walter J Hanson, Jan 16, 1862, re-organized  May 15, 1862 with nine companies but increased its number to eleven in July, Col. James M Corns. Many of the men were recruited in Smyth, Nelson, Kanawha, and Tazewell counties. The unit confronted the Federals in western Virginia, fought in East Tennessee then returned to western Virginia. Later it participated in Early's Shenandoah Valley operations and the Appomattox Campaign. Albert G. Jenkins

After leaving Washington, Jenkins returned to his home at Greenbottom where, on April 20, 1861, he was elected captain of a company composed of a hundred and one riflemen from Cabell and Mason counties. Jenkins converted the members of his company into cavalrymen and gave them the name of Border Rangers. On May 29, 1861, they were sworn in as Confederate soldiers.

Border Rangers:  "This Command was first organized at Guyandotte, Va., Dec. 10th, 1860, to protect a Virginia flag that floated from a flag staff erected on the bank of the Ohio river with Ira J. McGinnis as Captain. We kept the flag a float until the 20th of April, when Albert Gallatin Jenkins came to see us and made us a speech, when we disbanded and went with him to his home on Green Bottom with what arms we could get -- principally shot guns and then we eat our dinners. Each man cut himself a piece of lead pipe of the Captain for he had plenty.  From there we went to the old Green Bottom Baptist Church and met the boys from Mason County who was armed the same way we were. Then we elected Albert Jenkins our Captain and started to the mouth of Coal river to get into camp. For the first time we felt as if we were soldiers.
                                                              8th Virginia Cavalry Regiment

Co. A- Smyth Dragoons, May 27, 1861, Capt. John P Sheffy

Co.. B-  Nelson Rangers, June 22, 1861, Capt. Thomas R Fitzpatrick

Co C- Greyson Cavalry
June 27, 1861, Capt. W H Bramblitt

Co. D-  Giles Troop, July 31, 1861, Capt.  Later Co. D 17th Va Cav

Co. D- Robert Gunn’s Company,
Dec 18, 1862,

Co E- Border Rangers May 29, 1861, Capt A G Jenkins, Capt James M Corns  BORDER RANGERS, of the 8th Va. Cavalry was recruited mostly in Cabell County and included A.G. Jenkins (later became Col.), J.M. Corns, organized by Capt Albert Gallatin Jenkins, who was succeeded by J. A Corns, transferred in 8/4/61 from Fairview Rifles, afterwards Co.K, 8th Va.  Both companies in 2nd Kanawha in July 1861, later  36th Va Inf, Co. E   James D. Sedinger

Co F- Capt W N Harmans Company, Aug  8, 1861

Co G- Mountain Rangers, Nov 4, 1861, Capt W H Herndon

Co H- Tazwell Troop, July 25, 1861, Capt J C McDonald

Co I- Kanawha Rangers
, (Co K 22nd) Enl. by  Col Tompkins, 1st Kanawha, May 27, 1861, Co K,  22nd Inf   Capt Huddleston

Co K- Fairview Rifles,  Capt James M Corns Company  "FAIRVIEW RIFLE GUARDS”  Organized on May 28,1861. 2nd Kanawha, (36th Va Inf ) Disbanded in August 9th,1861  Company K, 8th Va Cav

Co L- Whites Company of Mounted Riflemen,
April 21, 1862, later 36th Battn Va Cav, Capt Moorman B White

Company F- “Mountain Riflemen” : Organized and enlisted on June 10,1861, for one year.  This company was first part of the 2nd Kanwaha Infantry Regt.  Company was Reorganized on May 13,1862 to 36th Va Inf
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