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Amick's Rangers
Virginia Militia
1776-1782: Call 1 thru 10 for Continental enlistments, Greenbrier sends troops
July 1778- Capt John Whitzells Company of Rangers: Philip Nicholas, John Nicholas, pvt

1789- 18th Regiment,  Kanawha County forms from Greenbrier
1790- Company of Scouts- Valentine Stalnaker, Robert Lowther, Charles Parsons
1791, Sept 30: Captain John Morris' Company of Rangers, Kanawha County, Elk River
       John Sheppard, Davis Alderson, George Alderson; pvts
1792, May 6-
Captain Hugh Caperton's Company of Rangers, Greenbrier & Kanawha
                 Samuel McClung & Andrew McClung; Privates (Blue Sulphur Springs)

1792, Dec. 22-: Virginia Military Establishment Act: County regiment of free white male citizens over 16 of county of census, and must furnish own rifle (lock, stock, & barrel), shot bag, powder; Eastern Virginia: Muskets, western Virginia: Rifles.
     Third Division: Gen. Daniel Morgan (7 Brigades)
               7th Brigade-
               10th Brigade- Gen. Benjamin Briggs
                      4th Regt-Ohio Co.            103rd- Ohio Co.
                     11th Regt- Harrison Co.     6th & 104th- Monogalia
13th Brigade- Gen. John Bowyer (exempt Whiskey Rebellion, Indian warfare)
79th- Greenbrier     (Apr.-May once a year muster, Blue Sulphur Springs)
                       80th- Kanawha       
(Apr.-May once a year muster, Elk River)
                       108th- Greenbrier, moves to Monroe
               16th Brigade- Gen William Darke
                       55th & 76th: Berkeley
               18th Brigade- Gen. Joesph Neville
                       14th- Hardy Co.
                       46th Pendelton Co.
                       77th- Hampshire 
               19th Brigade- 108th Regt,  Greenbrier, then moves to Monroe
1794- Whiskey Rebellion: 79th & 80th exempt from service
1799 - January 14 - Monroe county created from Greenbrier county. (108th moves?)
1804, Jan. 28- Virginia Military Establishment Act
Greenbrier: 79th Regt. Col Thomas Beard, Major James Matthews,
Major Andrew McClung- Apr. 18, 1811 commission
Kanawha: 80th Regt. Col. David Ruffner, Maj. John Stark, Maj. C. Buster
1812- Cavalry Company; Capt. Wm. McClung, Greenbrier
War of 1812- 79th & 80th Regt, exempt for Indian frontier duty, Act of Apr.19, 1812,

1818, Jan. 29-
Nicholas County from Kanawha & Greenbrier Counties  (79 & 80 >126?)
Fayette County from Greenbrier, Kanawha, Logan and Nicholas. (79 & 80 >142?)

1847-War with Mexico: All western Virginia Regiments exempt from service. (3 Co. do go)

19th Brigade- Gen. Augusta Chapman...Towns of Union & Lewisburg
                  86th, 135th, 151st, 108th, 166th,
79th- Col. George Henry
                   (79th, Co 4: Capt. Andrew H.
McClung, "Squire Andy" @ Meadow Bluff)
27th Brigade- Gen. Alfred Beckley........129th, 187th, 184th, 190th, 198th,
142nd; Col Samuel Woods (Fayette),   126th (Nicholas)..unk. enlistments
Order of Battle
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