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Amick's Rangers
51st Virginia Infantry Regiment
51st Virginia Infantry Regiment was formed in August 1861 with eleven companies. Its members were recruited in the counties of Wythe, Nelson, Bland, Floyd, and Grayson. The regiment was reorganized on May 26, 1862.  It started in General Floyd's Third Regiment, then G.C. Wharton's Brigade. The 51st served in the Army of the Kanawha in western Virginia, saw action at Carnifex Ferry, moved to Tennessee, and after fighting at Fort Donelson marched to Nashville with 274 men. July 23, 1863 Woodstock, then north to Winchester, then returned to Tennessee, involved in the Knoxville Campaign, on to fight in numerous conflicts in the Shenandoah Valley and around April 15, 1865, disbanded.  Members later found "Virginia Settlement" in Nebraska.

The field officers were Col. Augustus Forsberg & Gabriel C. Wharton; Lieutenant Col. George A. Cunningham, James Wood Massie, and John P. Wolfe; and Majors William T. Akers, Stephen M. Dickey, D.P. Graham, D.S. Hounshell, and William A. Yonce.  2,497 Soldiers

Journal of the Congress of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865 [Volume I]

The Chair presented to Congress a communication from the President, transmitting the following nominations for appointments in the Provisional Army of the Confederate States, viz:
     o Colonel. Gabriel C. Wharton, Virginia.
     o Lieutenant-colonel. James W. Massie, Virginia.
     o Major. David S.
Hounshell, Virginia.
Co. A,  formerly called Co. I;  July 16, 1861  reorganized May 20, 1862. Captain John P. Wolfe

Co. B, Wharton Grays; formerly called Co. H; July 31, 1861, Captain David Pierce Graham,   Martin Ayers, Regimental Teamster

Co. C, Wythe Rifles; Wythe County; formerly  Co. E;  July 20, 1861,  reorganized May 3, 1862. Capt William H. Cook,

Co. D,  formerly called Co. C; June 14, 1861, reorganized May 5, 1862. Captain David Lee Ross

Co. E, Nelson Volunteers; Nelson County; formerly Co. B; July 1, 1861,  reorganized May 7, 1862. CaptJohn Turner Dillard

Co. F, Bland Tigers; Bland County; formerly Co. K; June 26, 1861, reorganized May 20, 1862. Capt Samuel H. Newberry

Co. G, Floyd Game Cocks (Bucks); Floyd County; enlisted June 29, 1861,  reorganized July 1, 1861. Capt James William Henry

Co. H, formerly called Company F; enlisted July 2, 1861,  reorganized May 23, 1862. Captain Granville R. Conner

Co. I, formerly known as Co. D; enlisted June 28, 1861, reorganized May 23, 1862. Captain Ezekiel Young,

Co. K, formerly called Co. A; enlisted June 24, 1861, reorganized May 6, 1862   Captain Stephen Mills Dickey
                                                                                  Hugh Boyer   Calvin Long    F W Pool  
Virginia Settlement, Nebraska

Co. L, Lt. Col. James Woods Massie, August 22, 1861, and was assigned to the 23rd Battalion Virginia Infantry in January 1862.
    Attached Co L;
Fayette Rangers; Capt Phil Thurmond &  Halstead Scouts    Aka "Finny's Battalion"    Wallace: Virginia Organizations
Letters of Thomas Winton Fisher
Company K, 51st Regiment
Neobrara Outlaws
Virginia Settlement
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