They come from all across the county
on the appointed day.
Most should be home spraying
corn or baling hay.

They broke their best lambs,
and sitting around is rare.
So they have loaded up the trailer and
headed to the county fair.

For many it's a family outing
as they get on the road.
The pickup is being pushed hard,
hauling a big load.

For West TN Sheep Club members this is the
family vacation-to get away is a bear!
The next one will come in September when
they go to the Mid-South Fair.

The kids have on their Wranglers,
pressed and creased by all means!
City cousins will never understand why
they don't wear designer jeans!

These kids are on a mission;
you'll never call them quitters.
They're out to produce and fit and show
Grand Champion critters.

It's a huge task, but yet they
have a lot of fun.
When the judge is finished,
there will be just one.

Why do sheep families do it?
Is it just to get the highest placings?
It's to showcase their best crop-
not the sheep, but the KIDS.

                               Author unknown

This is a poem named Why Do Cattle Families Do It
given to us by Shirley Key at the 2000 Mid-South Fair.
We changed a few words to fit our purpose.
As you can see the Mid-South Fair is our favorite fair.
We have missed only one time since starting in 1988.
It is our vacation for the year.

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