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Hi! we're Tommy and Ginny along with daughters, Bonny and Julie. Bonny graduated from UTK and is in NC working at Ralph Lauren Polo, and Julie  graduated from  Mississippi State in May 2004, got married to Michael Riddell on May 24, 2008 and has just finished her masters degree at UK in ruminant nutrition. She is currently employed by UK.
Cannon Farms is located in Northwest Tennessee.  We raise  Southdown and Suffolk sheep as well as Angus cattle. We also have 3 donkeys, 1 horse,  a border collie and lots of cats .  To find out more about our farm, click here.
Our Sheep Story
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We began raising Suffolk sheep in 1988 when Bonny and Julie each bought a ewe lamb from Keith Suffolks and Grant Laird. That fall we purchased 6 ewes and a ram at Cookeville from Rambo Acres and Stacy Vise. We also got 5 aged ewes from Grant Laird. This was our start to a sheep raising experience... To continue on with our story, click here
Besides showing sheep, which we cover in our sheep story, Tommy is an Oliver enthuiast and has restored a 77 Row Crop, an 1850 and a 550.  See pictures, click here.

We are interested in donkeys and own a  gelding named Cody. Also have had my first baby donkey born in Dec/07. We have had a border collie ever since we were married.  To find out more and see pictures,
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