Andrew Callimahos at Bank One Ball Park in Phoenix Arizona

Andrew D. Callimahos
(New Carrollton, MD)

Currently employed by the United States Government and the City of New Carrollton, Maryland (at the city cable TV studio).  Interests include flutes and vintage American automobiles.


Photo at left:  Andrew Callimahos at the Bank One Ball Park in Phoenix, Arizona playing the National Anthem as part of the National Flute Association's 1998 Convention in Phoenix.

On the Way to a Football Game 1963, DuVal HS
DuVal Senior High Yearbook Entry 1964

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Greetings!! I started playing the flute at the age of nine, with my father as my teacher.  My Dad had me try the recorder and tonette  when I was younger, but I had no talent for those primitive instruments !! Anyway, in the 4th grade I came home from school one day  and told my father I could pick an instrument to play in the school band.  My Dad asked me what instrument I would like to play, and I  told him the string bass.  My Dad asked " Why ?". 

I said because my neighbor Jay Lodson from across the street played one in The U.S. Army Band.  My Dad told me that was fine, but he convinced me to play the flute because it was much more portable and also he  could teach me much more because my father was a former concert flute soloist.  My Dad who had only played a Wm. S. Haynes flute  in his solo work, knew nothing about student flutes, and so he went to the nearest music store and bought me a proper student flute.   He also knew nothing about how to teach a beginner, as he had only taught advanced students when he taught master classes at the  Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria and his Master Class he taught in Carnegie Hall. 

So, my Dad decided to teach not only me, but also a  neighbor's daughter, so I would have someone to compare progress with.  We both took lessons together for some time, probably about  a year, before we studied individually.  I enjoyed the school band, and did quite well.  After about two years of playing, my father  decided it was time to switch me from my closed hole, nickle plated, C foot joint BUNDY flute to a better open-holed flute.  So, I got to  play on my father's second Wm. S. Haynes flute, a hand-made model with a C foot joint.  My Dad's flute, which he rarely allowed me  to try, was a custom made Wm. S. Haynes with open-holes, drawn tone holes on a heavy body, and several extra keys.  I had to be  content with a completely stock Haynes. 

I continued to play on my Bundy all through elementary school, and junior and senior high  school.  I played the Haynes at home, but I never played the Haynes at school, except for my concerts, and my Dad was always one of  the proudest parents in the school, no matter how the band sounded ! A year after I finished high school, the Vietnam War was  going strong, and my Dad thought I should think about the military, but as a musician and not an infantry fighter. 

He helped me  prepare for my auditions, and I was selected for The U.S.  Army Band in nearby Fort Myer, Virginia.  I was accepted and spent my  military service from 1965 - 1968 there.  While in the Army Band, I was issued an old Haynes flute,  and later a brand new Powell  flute, but I remained  true to Haynes and only played the Haynes with the Band.  I kept the Powell at home to practice on, I just thought  the Haynes was better.  While in the Army Band, I purchased a used Wm.  S.  Haynes flute, and my father was furious when he learned  it was a covered hole model.  He thought I had a perfectly good open-hole Haynes, and that was all I needed !!!

Since then, my  collection of Haynes flutes has grown, but my father never changed his mind on the covered hole model.  I still have my original  Bundy, and I still play it ! In fact in recent years, it has gone on vacation with me to France  and Egypt where I have had great pleasure  playing it for the passing tourists !!! All of my Haynes stayed home, my Bundy got all the credit for my playing !!!
I don't think I'll ever get rid of it, MY FIRST FLUTE, MY TRUSTY BUNDY !!!!!! 

Thank You for visiting my home page.

Remembering my father,

Lambros Demetrios


My father started his career as
one of the very first concert flute soloists.  He was the very first
to have a full concert as a flute
soloist at Carnegie Hall

From the very public life
of a concert flutist, he later
applied his genius (very privately,
in the confines of the National
Security Agency) as a pioneer
in the field of cryptography.

Read his Biography as a
concert flutist here

Read an excerpt of his writing

Listen to my father and I playing
the flute at:

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Lambros and Andrew (Father and Son) circa 1960s

DuVal Senior High School, Glenn Dale, Maryland, 1964.  Front Row:  (1st four chairs of the flute section) Drew Callimahos, Jo Overholser, Cindy Robidoux, and Helen Walker.

Andrew and Mother (Helen) visiting Abu Simbel, Egypt 1990.

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