Hello, and Weclome to My Lame-Ass Tank Girl Site of Doom!
Now, you're probably wondering... if it's a web site of DOOM, then why's it so damn COLORFUL??? That's because the whole 'black background, red font' thing is MORE than a bit overdone. Either that, or I'm just trying to piss you off. Or, I'm just trying to confuse you. Don't ask me, I haven't figured it out yet, but any one of those is more than possible.
I've decided to dedicate this web site to Tank Girl. Why? Simple. 'Cuz she kicks ass. Get over it.

In this site you'll find just about everything you've ever wanted to know (or not know) about our one and only TG.

So, have fun. Be good. Don't die. Poke around. Get lost. Do stuff.
The Tank Girl Gallery
Below, you'll see the fun little navigation linkies. These'll take you to just about anywhere, so watch it, bub, and don't get jumped.

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