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Happy New Year everybody.

Oh man it's been a year since my last update how lazy am I, well wasn't totally laziness but life sucked 4 the last 6 months and now it mellowed down a bit. But enough of that been adding some new section here and have also made another site on KOF click here to check it out. And also looking forward to the new year, lets see what's in store, YEAH!!!





Happy New Year everybody. 

Been a long time since the last update, but put had to a move

the site to a new location and rearranged a few things 

and put some new pics here and there.

Also closed down which I though

SUKED but I think the only thing that seems to be going on is KOF

but I haven't seen anything anything in the Fury series.

Click here to see the final pic




Put some pics here and there and not look to bad. 

And fixed a few messed up links. 

If you get a chance sign the guestbook.




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