Chapter Ten


    Buffy lay on the couch, staring into nothingness. Her body still tingled from Spike’s caress. ‘What am I thinking.’ Buffy chided herself. ‘He’s everything I am against. He is evil. He has tried to kill me more times than I can count.’ Buffy closed her eyes and turned her back to the room. Buffy felt her eyes get heavy as a chill fell over her body. Reluctantly Buffy turned her head, looking for the source of her unease, yet finding nothing out of place. Her mother and sister had gone out for ice cream leaving Buffy alone in the house with her thoughts and the cause of them. With a sigh, she flopped onto her back and laid an arm across her eyes wearily.

    The feeling grew stronger as Buffy felt a hand rest lightly on her leg, just below her knee. Buffy sighed as the cold touch permeated the thin material of her slacks, cooling her heated skin. Buffy remained motionless as the hand moved slowly up her leg, caressing her hip. A second hand joined it’s companion, mirroring its potion on Buffy’s waist. The silky material of Buffy’s shirt was slowly pushed up to let the questing hands to come in contact with her bare skin. Buffy moaned as the cool hands skimmed lightly over her stomach, caressing the flushed skin of her abdomen. The hands continued to caress her skin in soothing circles causing Buffy to shift on the couch.

    She moaned as the hands left her skin and lowered her hand from her eyes, keeping them shut. Buffy heard the soft popping of the snaps on her shirt as they were pulled open by the man beside her. Buffy sighed as the shirt was pulled open, baring her from the waist up to his piercing gaze. The couch shifted as the man straddled her waist, his hands resting on either side of her shoulders. His hand captured Buffy’s, pulling her wrist to his lips, his teeth nibbled softly on the scars. Buffy’s eyes flew open to meet the piercing blue of the man over her. Spike smiled softly around the wrist at his mouth, his cool breath caressing her heated skin.

    Buffy moaned his name low in her throat as his tongue joined his teeth in torturing her flesh. Spike sat back on her legs, allowing the hand that was supporting him to raise to the flesh of her stomach. He continued to caress her wrist, blowing his unneeded breath on the moist skin. Buffy shuddered and moaned his name again in need, unable to pry her gaze from his.

    A soft rumbling emanated from Spike’s chest, causing the lips on her wrist to vibrate lightly. Buffy shivered at the sensation and begged Spike with her eyes. What she needed now, she did not know but as she watched Spike shift into game face, his beautiful blue eyes shifting to an iridescent gold, she felt a flash of heat flow through her.

    His fangs caressed his marks lightly, causing Buffy to squirm again under him. The low purr in his chest intensified as Buffy’s breaths came in pants, her eyes glazed with need.

    Spike’s fangs slid into Buffy’s wrist slowly, pulling a long low moan from her lips. He sucked tenderly, the saccharine nectar flowing slowly from her body to fill his mouth with the tangy sweetness that was hers alone. Buffy’s back arched as heat pulsed through her body. She moaned his name as Spike caressed around the fangs, buried deep within her skin, with his cool tongue. The hand on her stomach stilled as he began to pull harder on her wrist, sucking more blood within his battered body.

    Heat emanated from the spot his cool hand rested on her abdomen, flashing through her body, causing her to arch again against him. A burning intensity pooled low in her stomach, ripping a tortured gasp from her lips. Spike’s gaze burned into hers, gold clashing with hazel. Buffy eyes slammed shut as the first wave of heat engulfed her, she arched against him, a loud cry piercing the air.

    Buffy jerked upright on the couch, her breathing coming in gasps. Frantically she search the room but found herself alone.

    “A dream.” Buffy sighed in disbelief, running her hand through her hair. The tender marks on her wrist brushed again the soft tresses. Buffy gasped and lowered her hand to look on the marks. They were a light pink color, heat radiating from their depths. The sound of a door banging open and feet rushing down the stairs pulled Buffy’s gaze from the marks to meet the worried blue of Spike’s. He rushed to her side and sat on the couch beside her, his eyes scanning the room for intruders. Buffy felt her body flush as his gaze fell back on her, his eyes boring into her questionably.

    “Just a dream.” Buffy said quietly. “A bad, bad dream.” Spike smiled and leaned back against the couch in relief. Buffy shifted uncomfortably, pulling her legs under her and away from Spike. He sat beside her in nothing but his black jeans, unintentionally pulling her gaze to his naked chest. Buffy ran her hand over her wrist absently, causing another flash of heat to flash through her already overheated body. Spike’s nose twitched, his eyes alternating between hers and her wrist, causing her to blush even more.

    “I, uh, t-think, uh, I n-nee to, uh, I’ll just-” Buffy stammered before rushing from the room and up the stairs. A soft wondrous look crossed Spike’s face as he watched her flee the room. He ran his fingers through his hair in disbelief. He pulled himself to his feet and made his way to the foot of the stairs. The sound of running water filled the air as the shower turned on in the upstairs bathroom. Spike smiled and gripped the railing and slowly making his way up the stairs.



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