Hello and welcome to my 3M Games webpage on Webring, where you'll find lots of info about these treasured games from the '60's and '70's. This Webring website is a supplement to my Yahoo! Groups 3M Games group. No matter what 3M Game interests you, my two websites--this, and my own Yahoo! Group--has it covered. The first 3M Bookshelf Game was Phlounder, introduced in 1962 in a rare thick box. After experimenting with a variety of box sizes--taller boxes for High-Bid, Acquire, and Oh-Wah-Ree; smaller sizes for Jumpin, etc.--they finally decided to choose a regular box size. As a result, the odd-sized boxed games are now rare collectors' items you can find somewhat frequently on eBay. Other 3M Games included Quinto, a "numbers" version of Scrabble; Stocks and Bonds, a recreation of events on Wall Street; Oh-Wah-Ree, a modern variant of very old "pit-and-pebble" games going back nearly 3000 years; High-Bid, an auction game; Facts in Five, a knowledge game similiar to the TV game show Jeopardy!; Mr. President, a unique recreation of a political campaign year using mostly "ballot" cards in the play of the game (my copy of this game is different from the regular version); Feudal--which, as I learned--was not a good Chess variant (but later, 3M did make a decent Chess alternative called Neo-Chess, which was originally to be named Mad Mate, circa 1965); Ploy, yet another chess variation--this one is a "Star Trek"-style space-age game with a Mr. Spock impersonator (without the pointy ears) on the cover; Point of Law, a game which you recreate a variety of lawsuits in this 3M Games version of the classic radio show of the same name; Challenge Golf at Pebble Beach, a realistic golf game using the actual holes from the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course in California; Contigo, a game involving "programmed" moves in a "hybrid" of Chess and old pit-and-pebble games (like another 3M Bookshelf Game Oh-Wah-Ree); and many others. But of all the 3M Games, the rarest title is Jati, a game in which you align a line of tiles--rank, file and/or diagonally, while blocking your opponent from doing the same--and score high. It's similar to the old game Gobang. I've seen this game sell in the range of $200 to $400 on eBay. Only about 100 copies of this game exist. Just as rare as Jati is a taller box for Acquire--one of many 3M Games, and others, created by the late Sid Sackson, a game-designing genius who died in November, 2002. This version has an oversized "world map" playing board along with larger tiles made of wood. The regular-sized versions of Acquire, Quinto, and Phlounder, also had rare wooden tiles, but are slightly smaller (the tiles in the regular versions are made of plastic). 3M also made nine different games in small-sized Gamette boxes--Octrix, Evade, Sleuth, Tryce, Venture, Monad, Sum-Up, and Gamette-sized versions of the Bookshelf Games High-Bid and Foil. There was also a line of seven different 3M Sports Games--Pro Football (later renamed Thinking Man's Football); Big League Baseball; Win, Place and Show; Regatta; Blue Line Hockey; Thinking Man's Golf; and Speed Circuit--all packaged in vinyl-covered playing boards wrapped around a black box storing the game pieces. I have all seven 3M Sports Games (the two football games are different in only the names, so one of the two is all right with me). Finally, 3M made a line of educational games (called eduPLAYtional Games) for young children, such as math games Total Out (similar to bingo) and Sum Times (similar to 3M's Quinto, my favorite of all of their games), and the Teach Key series teaching math, spelling and reading. I remember playing these Teach Key games when I was in grade school back in 1968. I hope this website of mine has introduced you to these great games and I'm proud to collect them. Now, here are a few pictures of some of the 3M Game boxes and literature about these games. To see my 3M Games Yahoo! Group, which has other 3M game packaging and rules from my collection, visit my Yahoo! Groups home page (
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