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My Irish Pages
My Pages will show you where my family is from in Ireland, with Pictures of the old Family home, the family cemetery plot, and Family pictures.  I also have a genealogy section, and a section of common gaelic phrases. Also there is a recipe page, and pages of Irish castles.  I also have some Irish quips or sayings. Then  there is the Irish music page with lots of songs and lyrics.

Win my True Believers Award and join our ring and have your own True Believers Award. Were only true believers can win 2 more stages with the top award being our annual award.

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My link to history is a Family Tree. My wifes, and mine. Mine the Howe line breaks off into a swedish line where the founder of Bishop Hill Illinois is the brother of my g-g-g-grandfather and they started the town and the migration of the swedish people to the new world.   In my wifes Tree is the Smothers line, it goes back to the Mayflower and  Captain John Smith. It  is documented and listed back to 1570 from england. He became a great trader with the indians and did very well. I also have a listing of tips for genealogy plus occupations from long ago.
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Her is my pages about Alzheimer's Disease. I have written a few poems about Alzheimers and the Heatlh Care people. I also have some links and a story about how my mom's condition has effected all of the family.
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My Bio
If you are interested in who the author of all this is,  this is the place to go.  I have a picture and some info on how I came to be online and where I was born and where I live.
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Disability Compliant  - Web Page Accessibility
Make your pages Bobby Compliant so people with disabilities can view your site. I have instruction pages to explain the process.  I do offer help free to anyone who would like to become compliant.

It is estimated that about 750 million people worldwide have disabilities. For many of these people, computers are vital, for creating a barrier free world. If disabilities are considered when designing web documents, tremendous benefits can be provided for all.

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Here I have a page about how labor day was founded and what it stands for.  I also have a page of formulas for the carpenter along with calculators. I have a page on my apprenticeship, journeyman days, and the Hi-Tech Industry that I work in now.  I also have some pages on my carpentry on the Trans Alaskan Pipeline.
The Carpenters Union is 600 years old read all about it.
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HTML   Help
I have 2 things I teach you how to do. The first is Borders where you make an adjustable border so the text will not run into your side bar border. The next page is all about tables the most widely used item in page construction
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Prostate Cancer
Here I tell my whole story from the day I found out I had the cancer and how it affected me and the out come of my surgery.  How all my updates are doing, as the check-ups keep coming. Early detection helped me so much.  I also tell how it affected my family too. 
Cancer is a big Question Mark..
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My Poetry
On this page I  published my poetry that I wrote since  January 1, 2000  I add some new ones every now and then. Keep coming back.  I have 2 poems now that is published.
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This is my page of some of the pictures I took while I was working on the Pipeline.  Some of the oil fields and some of the wildlife.  I will be adding and changing pictures all the time.
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This is the state in which I live.  I list many pages or links to things to see and do in Arizona.  It is much more then just a desert, and it is rich in the wild west  atmosphere.

Listed is the collages, state parks, towns, and points of intrest. This is one place a person can be in shirt sleeves one minute and drive about an hour and be in snow. From cactus to the tall pines Arizona is a very fun place to live and visit.

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My Spirit Pages
Come on in and see my Site Fight spirit pages and my story of OAK'n  the protector of the little people. I also have many poems and limericks written for guest books and just for the fun of the site fights.  I have found nothing other then happiness and good cheer since I first came here as a fighter now I am on Staff in the D'Wild West..  Yee Haaaaaaaa....
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Holiday Pages
In these pages I have some of the customs, myths, and legends for different holidays. Like Halloween , Easter, and  Christmas. More to follow.  Good reading and very interesting...
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My Awards & Gifts
He is where I have all my Awards and Gifts posted.   I have them in catogories for ease of viewing. Special (my miscellanious), True Believers, Geocities, And then the 3 thru 5 star awards programs
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My Globes and Animation's
This is my newest page and on this I am displaying some of the globes and frames, I am now doing.  I just got my PSP 7.0   and I just love it...These pages will continue to grow and grow..
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