Didn't They Know

I remember the helpless
feeling as the bundle
was placed in my arms.

That look
of total love and trust
was overwhelming
almost swamping me with
its intensity.

Didn't they know
I was new at this?

And as the years past
and I earned that love
and trust giving back
tenfold at least

and was handed a
piece of paper
final decree

I wondered

Didn't they know
I was new at this?

And my children
swamped me with
their emotions

with talk of betrayal

both from him

even though they were part
of me
the best part of me

and I wanted to shout
don't you know that
I'm not new at this

that we'll get through it

But I wonder
if they understood
new or old
betrayal is always
hard to survive.

When my children
have children of their own
I'll smile when they
come to me

with wide eyes
and wider hearts

and simply sigh
when they shake their heads

Don't they know
I'm new at this?

And they'll learn.

by Trish Shields

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