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It was Valentine’s Day, and Frizzle was all set to go to school. His mother had packed the valentine cards for his classmates, made his snack, and walked him to his class. Now all the little dragons were waiting for their teacher to hand out the cards. The little dragons were scattered around the clearing in the woods, some of them were practising blowing smoke rings while others sat with their friends.

Frizzle turned to his friend Dawnie and asked, “Did you get chocolates yet?”

Dawnie wasn’t Frizzle’s best friend, but she was okay for a girl dragon. She had bright gold eyes that sparkled when she laughed and sometimes she would play marbles. “Not yet! My mommy won’t let me have candy until after I’ve had lunch. What about you?”

Frizzle shook his head until he could feel his brown hair swish back and forth. “My Mama told me I hadta wait until after my lunch too, but I go to my sitter’s house today. I wonder if she’ll have any?”

The little dragons were all very happy with their cards, and the poor teacher couldn’t get any lessons taught because the entire class was very loud and excited. They had a party with all kinds of yummy snacks; they played games and had a smoke ring contest.

Soon it was time to leave.

While the other dragon’s parents were collecting their little ones, Frizzle could see his sitter coming up the path. Her name was Betty and she was very nice … for a human. She sang him songs and let him tail-paint, and always had his favourite food to eat in her castle. Sometimes they would dress up and play pretend, and sometimes she would read to him from her scrolls. Frizzle always had fun at Betty’s castle. He had a very special card for Betty, and he couldn’t wait to give it to her!

When Betty got closer, she asked, are you ready to go now, Frizzle?”

Frizzle nodded and told Betty all about the party and their smoke ring contest and how Garth had blown a double ring, and the valentine cards … and he kept talking all the way back to Betty’s castle!

When Frizzle had put away his schoolbag and washed his face, Betty called him to eat his lunch.

“But can’t I have just one chocolate?” Frizzle pleaded.

“NO, Frizzle. You know your Mama has a rule about that. No treats before your meal. You eat your lunch and then I will share my chocolate with you.”

After a meal of roots, vegetables and other yummy things, Betty went to the cupboard where she kept her special snacks. When she came back, she placed a plate of small chocolates on the table.

Frizzle grabbed up a whole handful right away!

“Frizzle!” Betty took the plate away quickly. “You must never gobble! It’s rude!”

Frizzle swallowed a mouthful of chocolate and asked, “Why?”

“Because you should share or you could hurt someone’s feelings.”

“Oh,” said the little dragon, even though he didn’t really understand.

Betty knew this was something Frizzle really needed to learn. “Just imagine how you would feel if Garth brought something tasty for recess, but then ate the whole thing himself.”

Frizzle sat and thought about that for a moment. “I would feel very sad.”

“What would make you feel happy again?” asked Betty

“If Garth shared his snack with me.” Frizzle answered in a small voice.

“So how do you think I might feel if you gobbled all of these chocolates?”

“You would be sad, right?” Frizzle asked.

“That’s right!” Betty was pleased that Frizzle had learned his lesson.

“I know what would make you happy!” Frizzle exclaimed. “A chocolate!” and he very carefully passed the plate to Betty.

After they had shared the delicious treats, Frizzle got the special card he had made for Betty. It was shaped like a heart and it was coloured all over with red crayon, with a drawing on the front.

Frizzle felt a little shy inside, but he gave Betty the card and pointed to the front. “That’s me giving you a big hug. I drew it myself.”

“It’s very nice! Thank you!” said Betty as she opened the card. Inside was written,

Pumpkins are orange

The sky is blue

This is me

Hugging you!

“I love it, Frizzle! That is very sweet of you. I have something for you too.” Betty gave Frizzle a card that had a drawing on the front also. It was Frizzle blowing smoke rings!

“Cool!” said Frizzle

On the inside, the card said,

To the cutest, most special dragon I know.

Love, Betty.

Frizzle gave Betty a big hug and said thank you. Then they sat down to make valentine cards for his parents.

The End

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