You will find on this page some websites that I visit most often. They are grouped according to subject matter. I will try and check these links as often as possible to make sure that they still work. If you find any dead links or websites that are no longer in use on this page, please let me know. You can send me an email by clicking the Contact Us link to the left on this page. Happy surfing!

Links last checked:
January 25, 2009

Fan Fiction Sites:

Archaeobard's Den of Antiquity

The Australian Xena Information Page

The Amazon Ice Awards

The Athenaeum

Bards of the Xenaverse

Beyond Uber

B.L. Miller's Site

CN Winter's Site

Ella Quince's Altered Stories

Fingersmith Fever

KatLyn's Fiction

Lunacy's Reviews

Merwolf's Cave

The Pink Rabbit Consortium

Realm of the Huntress

The Royal Academy of Bards

Shadowfen's Lair Fan Fiction Index

Sue Rice's Page

T Novan Official Site

Tom's Xena Page

The Uber Abode

The Ultimate Xena Fan Fiction Directory

Verrath's Book of Tales


Xenalicious's Fan Fiction Recommendations

Xena Video Dungeon

Original Fiction Sites:

Online Lesbian Fiction New!

Rymellan Stories New!

Writing Resource Links:

Copyright Information Sites:

Chilling Effects Clearinghouse

Grammar and Usage


The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.

Words, Words, Words!

Acronym Finder

A Cliche Finder




Writing Reference Sites for Fanfiction and Original Fiction

The Blue Quill's Writing Reference Site for the Xenaverse

The Write Advice

Favorite Blogs and Other Sites New!


Box Turtle Bulletin

Daily Kos


Good As You

Joe. My. God.


Musings From the Paw


Pam's House Blend

Proud FM 103.9

Real Clear Politics

Taleweaver's Ramblings

Talking Points Memo

The Huffington Post

The Jed Report

Think Progress

Toronto Pride

Washington Monthly

Wayne Besen

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