Hey there, the name's Bejack, I've decided to create a site about my favorite anime character, Belldandy, because I now have pretty much everything on Bell. E-mail (Belldandyfantasy@yahoo.com) me if you like my page, but also if you want all the picture on my site because I have a huge batch file Belldandy's pictures, models, kits, and also snap-shots from the anime series. THANKS!!!
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Here is my favorite quote from Belldandy,

I've decided that as long as I live here with Keiichi, no matter what happens, I'll trust this person. Even if he is lying, so long as it's not words of goodbye, I'll trust Keiichi no matter what.

Here is my favorite quote from Kiichi,

I don't care about destiny, I don't care about the heavens. None of that matters to me. I just want to be with you!

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