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May 14, 2004

Chapter 2 of Rain is already open. It has 11 pages only. Just wait for chapter 3. Chapter 2 is not that clear because I just used a normal pencil. Not a mechanical. But the next chapters are clear. Just watch out for them. --->barby

May 09, 2004

The gallery section is now open. (",) Gomen nasai. I've haven't updated for weeks. ^_^ I wasn't able to buy internet card that's why I wasn't able to upload. --->barby

April 2004 

Konnichi wa minna-san! This is my first Shaoran and Sakura site. I hope you'll enjoy you stay. In this site you can download music videos of Card Captor Sakura you will never see in other sites. Why? Because I was the one who made them. (",) 

           This site is made for entertainment purposes only.

            Shaoran and Sakura are so cute!!! Have you read the new manga titled Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle? Shaoran and Sakura are the main characters there.

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