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A note to our readers: You may want to update your Favorites.  After five years, we’re going to try something new.  We’ve decided to do what all the cool kids are doing and get our own blog.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re ditching our friends at Geocities.  We’ll still keep this site open as an archive and to post some larger pieces.  But our regular posting will be at
Jim and Bob’s Palatial Baseball Blog (clever name, huh?).

Thanks for visiting us here.  We hope to see you at JABPBB soon!
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NEW FEATURE! According to a story we saw on The Colbert Report, the most gloomy day of the year has just passed.  How appropriate, as our 2006 Team Previews take a decidedly gloomy turn in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Kansas City.  Fortuantely the Angels are pretty good...

UPDATED! Frank Thomas is in!  Oakland, that is.  Cuba is in!  The World Baseball Classic, that is!  Baseball Weekly is in!  That dark and gloomy place where journalists who don't bother to check basic facts go, that is.  Miggy is going to stay in Baltimore, and Don Cooper seems to have put his foot in his mouth.  However, Piazza and Gossage are still on the outside looking in.  In other news, the Mariners seem to be casting for The Old Man and the Sea, the Red Sox and Mientkiewiecz will see each other in court, and the mayor of Las Vegas is looking to get the inside track on a MLB franchise.  And it's inconceivable that our old friend Phil could misinterpret the definition of a word.  In so many words, we ask you to see all that and more, in The Baseball Authority.

UPDATED! Ah, Corey...we hardly knew ye.

NEW FEATURE! Congratulations to Bruce Sutter on his election to the Hall of Fame.  You can see how Jim and Bob voted here.

UPDATED! Thome or not Thome? That is the question Jim ponders.

UPDATED! Why do we do this? Bob explains it, with an assist from an old friend.

UPDATED! Double-barrelled action in The Coach's Box!  First, Jim looks at how Allard Baird has been spending his money.  Then, Bob checks in on a couple old teams getting older.

UPDATED! There's no taxpayer-funded ballpark in Miami.  And that means it's time for the Marlins to look for a new home.

UPDATED! The Astros are in the World Series, but before that they've had their share of heartache.  The Wayback Machine looks at the classic 1980 and 1986 NLCS.

UPDATED! Other teams can learn a lot from Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro.  He was able to assemble what is currently the hottest team in the league by mkaing a number of shrewd moves, not throwing money around.  Consider it an Anti-Pickering Parade.

UPDATED! We're used to guys like Jeff Bagwell and Sean Casey telling their GMs how to run their teams.  But where does a guy like Delmon Young get off pulling that?

Plus these classic features:
Who can forget the excitement of the 2005 Postseason?  Certainly not Jim and all the other White Sox Fans out there!  But at least the rest of us have The Postseason Authority's 2005 edition to rekindle our memories.

We proudly present our 2005 spring previews of all thirty teams.  Were we right?  Or were we wrong?  Check it and find out!

Jim and Bob share their All-Star ballots
, plus some other memorable moments from the 2004 Mid-Summer Classic.

Count Cujo is feeling rather optimistic about the Brewers' fuiture.

Jim and Bob send an open letter to Baron Budhausen.  Let this be the last time Pete Rose darkens our towels.

We know who's on third, as the Palatial Hall of Fame selects
the game's greatest third basemen.

So what do YOU think?
Don't be shy.  We want to know.  Contact us at
bamad@yahoo.com.  Submissions are always welcome!
Who are these guys?

Jim grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  A life-long Chicago White Sox fan, Jim has lived through a lot, including artificial turf at Comiskey Park, uniform shorts, Jimmy Piersall, Ribbie and Rhubarb, New Comiskey, and Jamie Navarro.  After one too many snow storms, Jim moved to California, where there is no such thing as a late game.

Bob was born and raised in suburban Chicago.  Cubs fandom beckoned at a tender age, and soon the siren song of Jack Brickhouse had ensnared another young soul.   Bob now lives in Wisconsin, where he listens to Ron Santo on WGN radio and concedes that the Hee Seop Choi may not have been a bade idea after all.

Wait a minute -- Jim's a Sox fan and Bob's a Cubs fan!  Can you guys share a web page without driving each other crazy?

We'll find out.

What makes you guys think you're experts, anyway?

We've spent many years playing, watching, and talking baseball.  We figure we know just as much as the experts on ESPN, Fox, and the Web.  The only thing we lacked was an outlet.  Thanks to the good folks at Yahoo and Geocities, we have one.

So what are you guys doing this winter?

Same thing we do every winter -- stare out the window and wait for spring.
What Happened to the Baseball Links?

Don’t fret – they’re safe and sound.  They’re just enjoying their new, roomier digs.

We’ve found more fab web sites than we have room to list here on our index page.  Hence, the move.  We’ll be adding to our list, so check back often!

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