If You Can Hear Me Now...

Words by: Dave Clark

Well, I know it must sound strange
to talk to you like my closest friend,
but so many things I'm feeling
no one else can understand;
And even though you know my heart
much better than I do,
there are still somethings
I want to say to you.

If you can hear me now,
you already know how much I love you.
If you can hear me now,
you know I need you more than ever;
though I can't hold you in my arms
I can hold you in my heart,
and it's just as if
we never were apart.
Oh, I wonder
if you can hear me now.

This Page is Dedicated
To The Loving Memory
Of Children!

I wish to Thank everyone
who has participated in this page,
it is becauce of you this page is what it is!!!

Sahara's Story!

Sahara was born four months early
and only lived two short hours.
Her time here was short,
but her memory is everlasting!!
She was born early because a so
called doctor didn't want to be bothered.
Holly's water had broke and she knew it,
he didn't believe her..
he didn't check to see, until it was too late!
Holly got to spend more time
with her daughter than allot of people get,
but as you know
it is never enough!
I remeber crying myself to sleep
wandering why this was happening to Holly.
She is my best friend....
We grew up together
and have called each other
sis since we were babies!
She didn't deserve this,
nobody does!
Sahara was beautiful...
she had black hair and looked
just like her mommy!
I'm sorry that
I wasn't able to be there,
I wish I could've been!
I never got to hold her in my arms....
only in my heart!
You will never be forgotten or
replaced Sahara!!
God needed you more in Heaven!
You were just too perfect
for such an imperfect world!

I take great comfort knowing
that Sahara is playing in Heaven's
big playroom with all of
the other angel babies in heaven
and I know that she wouldn't want
them to go unmentioned!!

I believe that with the help of
others the grieving process may
be made a little easier!!
I have added a Chat Room and
allot of wonderful links,
however we still have to keep adding links
and get more and more people involved!!
I made this site because
I didn't really have anybody
other than Holly to talk to.
I know that
Holly would have
liked to have had all of you to talk
to when Sahara became an angel.
I like knowing that maybe somebody
going through this now can have a place to go..
to talk and to read other peoples stories!!

By placing your stories and favorite
links in the guestbook or
e-mailing them to me to add to
the page our site will steadily grow.
With you this page CAN grow along with
our little angels!!

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