The Alfred H. Locke Crew
A B-24 Crew with the 448th and 389th Bomb Groups
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  Crew history
Southern ferry route
715th BS/ 448th BG
564th BS/ 389th BG
Mission map
448th Planes they flew

389th Planes they flew
After the war

"We're going to ditch!"
  Al's account of ditching
    These photos of the crew were taken in Sioux City, Iowa before they left for England.  The crew are:
1. Lt. Arthur C. Delclisur, bombardier
2. Lt. Alfred H. Locke, pilot
3. Lt. John Hortenstine, navigator
4. Lt. Errol Self, co-pilot
5. Sgt. Virgil Carrol, engineer, top turret gunner
6. Sgt. Pedro Paez, asst. engineer, waist gunner
7. Sgt. Albert Spadafora, ball turret gunner
8. Sgt. Frank Cappello, radio operator
9. Sgt. Henry Boisclair, waist gunner
10. Sgt. Dale R. VanBlair, tail gunner
    In memory of:      
  Albert N. Spadafora
Arthur C. Delclisur

Kenneth O. Reed
Alfred H. Locke
Dale's Tribute to Al
  A letter from Mrs. Reed      
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    This page maintained in honor of the valiant men who served on this crew by
Melinda Staley, granddaughter of Al Locke and
Dale VanBlair, tail gunner
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