The Cult of Cullen
You were expecting a proper webpage?  With information about the character, FAQs, previous work by the actor and the whole she-bang? You don't get it, do you?  Cullen is mystery.  It is his very ordinariness which suggests secrets, his lack of emotion which hints at deep currents, his lack of background which creates the breeding ground for our passion.
If you have to ask then you wouldn't understand the answer.
Sometimes the answer is why.
Sometimes there
are no reasons.
Go to the New Guestbook to read or answer the current Cullen questions or visit the Old Guestbook for previous questions.
Infinite Diversity pages [1, 2 , 3 and 4 ]contains an infinite diversity of opinions on Alex Cullen, including the answers to past guestbook questions. It also has links to The Mystery of Ordinariness and Cullen and Chandler.
Check out the
Truth Is Out There page for theories on Cullen's past/future/present.
Don your
Anorak if you want more details about Alex Cullen or his alter ego, actor Ged Simmons.  Thanks to the lovely Ged Simmons we now have lots of information about him - see There is a Ged and An Interview with Ged Simmons
Hard Evidence
supplies visual proof of one of the reasons why Cullen deserves a cult.
Cullen's Ca
reer 1 and 2 will, when finished, supply a comprehensive listing of all Cullen episodes.
Just Ged is, indeed, just Ged.
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Latest Updates:  4/6/05 - Just Ged, 2005 Work

26/1/05 - Index page.
6/10/04 -
The Truth is Out There - Carnival is now complete and Rumours has come home!  Many fans have been waiting a long time for the completion of BH's fabulous epic Cullen story, Carnival, and the day has finally arrived.  Thank you, BH!

You can now join the
CultofCullen yahoo group for updates and discussions

Historical feature:
**Cullen Campaign
                    **UPDATED NEWS!**
*"The Rotter's Club" will be screened on BBC2 Wednesday 27/1, 2/2 and 9/2.  See the BBC's
website for more details.

*Ged is appearing in '
The Beauty Queen of Leenane' at the Octagon Theatre at Bolton from 27/1/05 to 19/2/05.

*Ged's first novel - 'The Gravedigger's Story' has been published!  Click on the picture to buy a  copy.   A synopsis plus reviews is available
here.  Any fan reviews of the book would be very warmly welcomed.
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Disclaimer #1:  The Cult of Cullen is not a fangroup - more a way of life ;o)
There is, however, a fangroup called
The Cullendors.
Contact Chrissie at for information on joining.
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WE STAYED UP!!!!  I bow down at Robsons' feet - I didn't think that there was anyway they could do it - they were last at Chrissie time, after all.  Ged had more faith (and a great deal more knowledge) than me and thought that they would make history and he was right!!!!

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