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Please take a look at the book,
The Democratisation of France, 1840-1901: Sociabilite, Freemasonry and Radicalism.
It serves as a program to what I am intending to do here. My goal is to shape this site as a center for political Freemasonry studies and research. I plan to put here a lot of staff you will be interested in. So, why not take a look around and enjoy. I add new material regularly to keep my site fresh, so check back often!

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The Third Republic was the first stable democratic regime in France. Essentially, this regime was akin to the Anglo-Saxon democracies of England and the USA. Like them, the Third Republic was firmly based in the North Atlantic culture of the 19th and 20th centuries. This culture was characterized by a stable nation-state framework, by democratic regimes that evolved as an integral process of their national history (in contrast to the way a democratic regime was forced upon Germany), by scientific and technological progress, by a rich and independent intellectual life, and by a capitalistic economy. By the end of the 19th and early 20th century, pioneer efforts appeared which compensated for the ravages of the free market through social legislation. Organizations and institutions were designed to create a protective network for the individual which spared him its dangers. The democratic political system is one of the chief characteristics of the North Atlantic culture. It owes its stability, among other factors, to the high organizational level and great liberty of the organizations and social groups that compete for the strong holds of power. The most prominent of the political organizations is the political party. Aiding the political party, and possessing complex relations to it, are the voluntary and specialized organizations representing various sectors: educational, cultural, professional, economic, social and so on.  More...
Part I: Masonic Political Clubs and Congresses

Chapter 1: The Idea of Sociabilite and Association

In the course of the 1820's, Masonic public opinion was generally opposed to the Restoration regime. It was a passive resistance, which didn't manifest itself in deeds, because the Freemasons were afraid that the "Grand Orient de France" (GO) would be abolished. The law's prohibition of conducting discussions of a political or a religious nature was respected, for fear of informers. However, there existed all the time a few republican lodges. In 1821 one of them introduced certain innovations in its Masonic protocol of ceremonies. They were based on rational grounds and introduced free political debates, expressing highly critical opinions of the regime and the Church, and gave vent to extreme Republican aspirations. These debates attracted hundreds of new recruits which were initiated by great numbers. An insurrection attempt by two Republican lodges failed in 1822. Some of the leaders escaped to Italy where they joined the revolutionary Carbonari movement. Upon their return they imported the idea to France and founded secret societies. These Charbonnerie societies terrorized the regime for a while but were soon liquidated. More...

U.S. Recognition of French Grand Lodges in the 1900s

Nothing seems to cause as much dispute among American Freemasons as the subject of recognition and regularity (with the possible exception of race and freemasonry). Yet masons need more facts to understand these subject. The purpose of this article is to provide some of these facts about the recognition of French grand lodges by United States grand lodges in the 1900s, and to suggest questions for further thought and research.Read more

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Published: 21.3.1999

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