Me December 1965


Please, allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Acadia elle.

The 'Acadia' in my name refers to the Acadia on Mount Desert Island, in Maine.

The northern US coast of the Atlantic is where I'm at home.
My place is where the mountains meet the sea.
I was born in The Year Of The Dragon.

I'm a Taurus; even though I am in my element with Water.
I am ruled by Venus with a strong moon influence.
My astrological birthstone is the sapphire.

My colours are black, silver, white and ivory.

My flowers is the rose. I prefer the Black Baccara, as well as all white varieties; and, of course, the Northeastern Seaspray Rose. I am also quite partial to the lilac, (preferably white).

My favourite weather is a good storm. (Any storm is a good storm.) I adore fog, wind, thunder, snow, even a tame cloud cover are wondrous things for me.

My favourite seasons are Fall and Winter.

I've always dabbled in art; drawing, painting, photography, and my newer found medium: painting with my mouse, instead of a paint brush.
(You don't run out of paints that way .)
I write Harry Potter fan fiction. Although, my fan fiction centres around Severus Snape.


imagine, if you will, that we are not merely on the internet. Instead, we are in a cottage, nestled in a secluded cove on a small island, off the coast of Maine.

So, please take some time to explore this magical cottage. You will find that most rooms have passageways to special hidden places as well.

(Most of the following pages contain multiple graphics)

The The road to the cottage is a wonderful place to explore. Take your time, but don't be late for tea.

The The view from the cottage is incredible. Take a look around outside first, then come back here and come on in!

The The cupboard under the stairs is where my computer is kept; and thereby, my Severus Snape centric fan fiction.

The The Kitties' Corner is just that, a corner where you will find the kitties who own me. There are many photos, and some anecdotes relating their antics.

The The Sitting Room is a quasi biographical page. It includes just a few of my various interests.

The The Loft is an open airy studio, housing a gallery of computer artwork. On the East wall you will find many Mermaids, on South wall you will find Faeries, and on the North wall you will find other works.

The The Kitchen is a warm welcoming room filled with local and seasonal recipes.

The The Herb Garden Come help plant some herbs! The herb garden is a place to share herbal knowledge. There are some wonderful recipes from herbalists who have shared their experience and knowledge.

The The Sewing Room is a place for custom made robes, capes and ritual garments, here you will also find the sewing specialty: Handfasting ensembles.

A Peaceful NookIn this nook of the cottage you will find peace.

(And maybe a little human rights activism.)

The The Awards Room is a showcase for the Award the Cottage won!


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2004 Acadia elle.

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