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Hello there! Welcome to the Auld Ager's Tavern! Today on the menu there is the all time favourite Age Of Empires II and of course and very popular Age Of Empires II : The Conquerors. These two real-time strategy games are some of the best video games. Based on historical facts, these games offer captiviating game play, some really good graphics and splendid sound effects. That said, lets now turn to The Tavern.

As a fansite, the Tavern provides quite a few things to chew into. For starters, you can browse through the game info, this will help you refersh on Civs,Units, Buildings and other game elements, after which you can move on to strategies. Perhaps, you would like to download official/unofficial patches and third party tools to improve your game experience... or browse webpages and clans listed in the links page.

You can use the navigation links on the top of a page to jump to a specific section. Please keep in mind that the Tavern is undergoing "renovation", which means that some items may be inaccessible or parts thereof may be incomplete. I regret the inconvenience caused by the ongoing work and I'll try to complete the website at the earliest.

What is Age Of Empires?

Age of Empires is a Real Time Strategy game based on historical facts. It allows you to take command of one of the many tribes/civilizations and lead the same to economic and military glory while competing with others trying to do the same! MORE >>


Tavern Board(News)

3rd Mar 08
A lot of things have changed and I don't think I will be able to update this site any more (personal reasons).

16th Jan 08
A new year is upon us and what better way to start it than clearing up some old backlogs? Decided to give the tavern a better look with graphics etc... still busy ripping stuff from DRS files. Changes as follows:

  • Just a minor glitch fix: Got rid of the hit-counter!

20th Dec 07
First, I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year! Let's all have a great time people! Sticking to the schedule (may be for the first time) these are the chnages made:

  • New Look: The website now sports a fresh new look, making it more appealing and easier to browse
  • New Sections: A new section "Game Info" has been added, this section has info on Civs, Units, Buildings etc.
  • Updates: Some of the sections have been updated and more links added
With this the first phase of "massive changes" to the Tavern draws to and end. As for the second phase, its under way and the next update will make the Tavern even more appealing to the eye for, graphics est coming! And as soon as I'm done extracting them from the DRS files, I'll put 'em up.

10th Dec 07
Phase-I of "massive changes" has been initiated. Changes brought in this time:

  • New Section: Added a seperate section for Scenarions & Campaigns
  • Links Added: Added links to some strategy articles on AoKH.

26th June 07
Took quite a long break, Oh well, but I'm back now!
  • Added a Campaign that I created.
  • General Pruning.

13th Jan 07
After a long time added some needed stuff to the Tavern:
  • Updated the links section.
  • Finished working on downloads. You can now download patches and tools.

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